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Thread: Farseer WIP

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    Default Farseer WIP

    I am starting a WIP on a Farseer that should be ready to end of March, a lot of time you say. Well I am notorious for not finishing my minis so this is a challenge for me. I am going to enter it into a painting competition at Gothcon (Göteborg, Sweden). It is not a serious competition yet, there have been too few attendees. But my main reason for going is to play board games on the con and to have a day with painting with some hopefully very nice people from Göteborg. So this is just something extra to make the trip just that little bit sweeter. Also it is a reason for me to actually press myself into painting and finish a figure on time.
    Well on to the figure, I have this time tested something new for me. I first base coated it with black and after that done zenithal lightning with white undercoat (used spray cans)
    Below are the colors that I have chosen to use so far.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Colours.jpg 
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    Green areas I have used 3 parts Turquoise and 1 part Russian green
    Blue area I have used 2 parts Burgundy Wine and 1 part Turquoise.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Farseer first pic.jpg 
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    Below I have added a little bit more shadow to the figure and some additional layers of base coating. The "green" areas i have added some of the blue colour to the shadow to use the colour scheme.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Farseer shadows.jpg 
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    And a picture on the backside, not worked so much on that part yet.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Farseer first pic backside.jpg 
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    Comment, creative criticism are welcomed.


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    Hope you finish the mini on time!
    I'm no expert, so, all I can say is that the colour scheme looks great!
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    Looking nice so far

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    Update, have now started the head and chosen colours for more details. First picture shows progress on the head and second pictures shows the staff and gold better. I have decided to use true metals since I am used to that technique. For a while I thought that I should test NMM but decided not to. It would be too time consuming at this point.

    Name:  Farseer second day 1.jpg
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    For gold I have used Vallejo AIR Gold with some GW Sunburst Yellow to make it a bit more like I want it too look. The gold from the beginning is a little bit too much towards silver in its colour for my taste. Afterwards I used inks and washes to give more life to the gold and some highlights with some silver mixed in with the gold. Need to to some more washes and also use the gold again to bring back some shine to the gold before it is finished. So far just the top of the staff that is started.

    Name:  Farseer day two front gold.jpg
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    Also thinking to do gems in purple, do you agree or disagree?
    the base I have pictured to be with some rocks and partly covered in Snow and perhaps some small dried grass.

    Comments are welcomed on how I can improve the results and which parts that is good.

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    Purple gems would look good I think, I'd push them to the lighter side of purple though just so that they can stand out a bit. Blending on the robes looks great, although I feel the contrast could be pushed a bit more. Nice work on the staff too.

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    Gems, gems I really can´t paint them good. I am disappointed on the white dot the small one. also looking at close up there seem to be too little dark colour? Please give advice and criticism it is needed for me to make good gems. So far no gloss has been added since I am not happy with the gems. (think one should use gloss yes/no ? )

    Name:  Farseer gems1.jpg
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    Name:  Farseer gems 3.jpg
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    Hmm close-ups are also very good to see other mistakes... have been in too much hurry then preparing the figure I can see. Not that it has been my strong side before well have to learn from your mistakes. (mold line visible on top of head...Also the gold have gone where it should not be...)
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    Default Small update

    Have done more work on the staff and other gold areas, also finished some gems, a little bit of mixed qulity on theese. need to do more of them to gain practise. But so far I am happy with result and it looks much better then figures I have done before.

    Necroghast: I have added some more contrast, made the higlights a little bit lighter and some deeper shadows. more visiable in reality then on the pictures. Thanks for feedback

    Name:  Farseer more gems.jpg
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    That's some nice shading going on there. Nice colour tones.
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    Finally I have had time to work on my mini, some gems and the black parts I have worked on and some other smaller parts.
    Feedback as usually very welcomed. (picture quality a little blurry I noticed, better next time around)

    Name:  Farseer 3 mars.jpg
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    Name:  Farseer mars 3 pic 2.jpg
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    Really a very good painting job, so far. You choosed a nice colour scheme, I like the shading and blending very much; wish I could do the same.
    Concerning your gems, I think they are looking quite good. So from my side no need to improve them further.
    Continue like this, and your mini will be defying all competition. You'd have my vote

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    Some more stuff done not much mostly some gems and some work on backside (not visible no pic.) The gems take time and well. Also with the sharper pic some errors are more visible. some brown have made it to the darker part of the robe and also the black shoulder pads need some more work for me to be happy.

    Name:  Farseer 6 mars.jpg
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    Lovely job man. I'm a big fan of the blended and muted palette. one though that popped up, maybe a thin yellow or golden pin stripe somewhere on the robes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meph View Post
    Lovely job man. I'm a big fan of the blended and muted palette. one though that popped up, maybe a thin yellow or golden pin stripe somewhere on the robes?
    Thanks for input, I agree with you. Will add some lighter colour to the dark blue cape and perhaps if I dare do a simple freehand on the backside.

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    Great work, yes gold stripe would look good
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    not bad at all! the green gems worked out surprisingly good in the colourscheme i have to say.

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    Well time for bad result pictures. I am not happy with the backside of cloak the colours and so on, also my first try on freehand is not going too well either. I feel stumped and will leave the pic´s here and hopefull come back more rested and continue, hopefully some kind soul have pointed out my biggest mistakes so that I can correct them.

    Name:  Backside bad 1.jpg
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    Name:  Back bad 22.jpg
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    Naah, freehand looks good man, simple but affective. Painting a straight line on a curvy cloak is tricky biz... but you pull it of.
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    Ok, I took one of my old old old figures and have been testing a little for a pattern or structure to the cape and I wonder what you think of something like this on the backside of the other Farseer?

    Want the cape to fade from light blue with the stripe as it is today into a sky with stars... Not sure that it will fit.. Feedback much appreciated.

    Name:  Stars test cape.jpg
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    Have now started the pattern on the cloak, this is the result so far, will put some more lighter colours into the nebula part to make it pop up even more.

    feedback as usual always appricated.

    Name:  Nebula pic 1.jpg
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    Name:  Nebula pic 2.jpg
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    After many tries a version of the stars on the back is finished, that is if not anyone points out anything obvious that I have missed. It was much more difficult then I imagined too get it decent looking, on the other side I have learned a great deal also.

    Now next step to do the freehand line in Gold/Yellow.

    Name:  Farseer stars.jpg
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