Hi fellow Cang owners

How's your Cang getting on?

Mine is turning out to be an absolute nightmare to build.
It's not just aligning all the parts, so arms, hands, feet, body, tower, and rock all meet at the correct spot, at the same time.
That's bad enbough, not the best way to engineer, it, very optimistic.
Considering you have to build Cang sepreately so you cna paint him first, well...

No, it's the right wing joint.
Is mine mismolded, because there is no way it's going to fit correctly, and before I ask for a new one, I want to make sure it's not just a poor part.
The wing slots in all the way along, and the end rests nicely up aginst the shoulder, but there is a 5mm gap on both sides for much of the length of the musculature.
Having built models of all types for over 25 years, i know when a fit is bad, and when it's absolutely appaling.
In oder to fit this, I would have to pretty mcuh rebuild the entire upper join.