Where have all the Rackham sculptors gone?
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Thread: Where have all the Rackham sculptors gone?

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    Default Where have all the Rackham sculptors gone?

    Can someone tell me the names of the major Rackham sculptors? Some Rackham figures weren't as high quality - like some of the Acheron skeletons, for instance - but overall they're all just incredible. What happened to them? Surely they're still sculpting? Are Enigma figures done by ex-Rackham sculptors? Infinity also seems to have a very Rackham-esque vibe.

    While I'm at it, is there any place where miniatures are listed by sculptor? So, for instance, if I wanted to find miniatures done by the sculptor of the Dragon Titan of Aarklash I could see listings of other works that he or she has done?

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    They do a lot of freelance stuff, some of them have done ilyad, mcvey, infinity, all sorts tbh

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    A few might be lurking at SmartMax too As Freak says, they are all over the place.

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    this is a directory of a few thanks to JAG LINK

    And a YOUTUBE channel
    Instagram and FaceBook too

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    As far as I'm aware they are pretty much all doing freelance work except for Aragorn. He moved into digital and was all set to do some stuff for me, but he got a job at GW so that door closed what with their exclusivity thing. He's been there a while now and seems like he's loving it. I'm sure they will benefit from his skills.

    One ex-Rackham guy is working for a start up mini company on a few models that will be out before mid-2012 (my company in fact!) and another few are lined up to do the same when their schedules thin out.

    And yes, this is my chance at a blatant brag post!

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    MIKH has been doing freelance work, his blog is here http://artmikh.blogspot.com/

    Also if want to look up sculptors by models you can use this http://underthemountain.wordpress.co...hive/factions/ The bad part is they dont have all of them listed.

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    a lot of rackham's sculptor like me,Stephane Simon works for Maelstrom games :Benoit Cosse, Stephane NGUYEN, recently Gregory Clavillier, Mikh, Aragorn before Gw, Yannick Fusier is the sculptor of the titan dragon
    But we all work for a lot of company
    You can see the name of rackham 'sculptors and what they made for rackham here:


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