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Thread: Looking for a skull!

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    Default Looking for a skull!

    Hi all been reading on these forums for a while but never posted but i need some help.

    I've just started my long term project of turning the large Forge world space marine from its everyday normal pose into a Black Templar's chaplain.
    While i have an idea of what i am wanting to do with it i am having trouble finding a skull to the right scale and enough detail to replace the marine helmet and give it a skull helmet as sen on some of the GW chaplain models.

    looking for some thing like this
    If any body can help it would be much appreciated.

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    try a 120mm scale skull

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    Invisible man Model?

    It's 16" so it may be a little big (not sure), but considering that it is replacing a helmet, larger may be what is needed.
    Also have you considered sculpting (or having someone else) one of your own?
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