Can anyone who is in the UK who bought either one CMON Annual or the entire CMON Annual bundle give me some advice please?

1) After doing some Google searches, I understand that USPS ship via Royal Mail Parcelforce or Royal Mail within the UK. Did you all get your Annuals By Parcelforce or ordinary Royal Mail or someone else?

2)What is the difference between USPS First Class Mail and USPS Priority Mail (the USPS site wasn't that useful)? Can anyone give me an idea of how long took for theirs to arrive in the UK and what method of delivery you picked?

3)I am assuming that there will be 20% import VAT charged by Customs and that Parcelforce will arrange collection of the charge (if the charge reaches above £9). I have also read Parcelforce charge an £8 handling fee for this. Does that sound like the right ballpark figure?

I am just debating whether to order the bundle or one every so often. Thanks very much!