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    Default Mousekiller's Works in Progress

    As many of you know... I am primarily an army painter. A painter that jumps from army to army, and doesn't always have time to paint due to work.

    I am fascinated by the Warhammer World and it's army system, though I don't actually play the game. I am also not a painter who cares where a miniature comes from, so long as the miniature, in my mind at least, feels like it belongs to the army. For some reason, this helps me paint. Making up a small story for each army, and adding bits to it as I add new units and characters.

    Painting in this way tends to allow certain threads many weeks or months in between updates. So, in an effort to keep a thread active, I have decided to create this thread for all the WiPs I have, regardless of the army they belong to, and then update the army threads as I have completed units to add to them.

    For those of you interested in following along, I am dedicating this first post to the links to all of the armies, for easy access to the completed products. I will be back soon with some WiP pics

    Works in Progress: Neutral Armies
    Works in Progress: Armies of Order
    Works in Progress: Armies of Chaos
    Works in Progress

    ARMY Links:



    Mortals of Chaos
    Beasts of Chaos

    Vampire Counts

    Orcs and Goblins
    Ogre Kingdoms
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    Ok, so here they are, in no particular order (I will do a full run thru here, then "try" to do at least weekly updates on stuff that has seen progress):


    Midtone color was put on the body with a quick red wash. Also, did a midtone red in some of the open wound areas. Started some layering on the tail... lots more washes and layers to go on this beast. For the base, the idea is a sewer, the depressed area in the middle will have a greenish sewage drainoff going thru it.

    Beasts of Chaos:

    Not a lot done... still working on the base model for the army, and not very diligently.


    (see above). Finished the Slayers today, next up will be the druid model from reaper... who for army purposes will be a rune lord who has lost his wits


    The knights test model was finished last year, just not sure how much I still like it. Going to paint these in blocks of three, so, including the test model who may see some changes, here are the three.

    Mortals of Chaos:

    Working on the third rank of marauders. Started skin, base coat metals, base coat reds.


    Another product from last year, hence the reason why they all seem in different stages. In any case, I have done a bit on the banner and brought the bannerman up to about the same progress as the other two. Not a whole lot left to do, time to get into the details

    Orcs and Goblins:

    Continuing work on Skarsnik. I think I finally got the scales to a point that I am not disgusted by them, thought they will likely get another highlight. Also, did the wood bits and started the horn bits on gobbla.

    Daemons of Chaos:

    This guy is actually a product from a few years ago, started and left on the shelf. I think partly because I was overwhelmed by the lava I plan to re-do the base to a rocky"ish" outcrop with lava pushing through certain points vs completely enveloping the base.

    Vampire Counts:

    Last rank of skeletons are almost done. Still need to make a 5x4 base for them and plan to add a few pumpkins for spice.

    So, that is where we are - hope to see you next week with some completed stuff Please keep in mind that I will continue to post completed products in there perspective army threads.

    Happy painting!
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    As promised.... here is a weekly update.

    No movement on Beasts or Daemons.

    Skaven: More work on the base done... added some water affect. Also, another highlight to the rat followed by a red and green wash. A lot more to do.

    Dwarfs: Basecoat and one highlight on skin. Undercoat robes, horns, wood, and hair.

    Empire: Not a whole lot done, primered the third knight and worked up the metallics. Will probably work up the blue bits and some lining over the next week.

    Ogre Kingdoms: Some rust work done. I think I am going to tone down the last metallic highlight a little.

    Orcs and Goblins: A little water effect on the back of the base. Also, worked in some rust on his weapons, though I am trying not to go overboard. Worked on Gobblas horns a bit more, and started working the inside of his mouth.

    Vampire Counts: Rust effects. Definitely going to need to tone down the metallic highlight.

    Weekly vow: Finish skeletons (I don't know why, but it seems these have taken forever...)

    Till next week!

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    I didn't realise that you didn't play mate!! I always thought because you had loads of armies on the go you must be quite into the game itself lol!!

    Anyway, great painting, your armies always look very cohesive. Do you keep them or sell them when you are done to someone who does play?


    My Gallery Here

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    Ok, weekly update time.

    Skaven: Started layering the skin on the rat, blocked out the fur patches with Dark Skin, started a more deliberate round of washes to differentiate between the oozing flesh bits and what should be more normal flesh. This guy is massive, very daunting session when I sit down to paint him. I do know that once I get past his skin (which is why I started with it) he is going to really start coming together. Maybe for next week I will start blocking out other bits like the armour and rider just to give a sense of the overall colors and how they might work together.

    Dwarfs: Actually made some good headway on him, really simple to paint without a lot of complications, which is probably one of the reasons I enjoy painting the dwarves. Did the blue sash and the white robes.

    Empire: Washed and re-highlighted the armour, though I think it needs a bit more. This armour is coming out much more shiny then the other two, which I like, so I may need to go back and fix the other two. Though I prefer dark and grim, I think that knights would take more time to polish there armour. Also started the blue hatchwork and blocked out the cape.

    Vampire Counts: Completed the skeleton unit, check it out here SKELETAL SPEARMEN or check out the Vampire Counts thread for more pics. Up next, another primed mini from last year:

    Orcs and Goblins: Just a bit of work on Gobbla's mouth.

    Ogre Kingdoms: Did a little with the leather bits, though not enough to really warrant a picture. Maybe next week.

    Mortals, Daemons, and Beasts: No painting Though I add some texture to the daemon base.

    dogfacedboy: I played a long long time ago, around 3rd edition before the army books (with bits of 20x20 and 25x25 pieces of cardboard), before the army books came out. I have kept up with the game as it has been updated, and try to keep up with the fluff to help me stay inspired... and I would love to one day put these armies on the table, just no real time for an organized game now. I dabbled into selling a few years back, but I felt so guilty about the amount of time spent on the project and not having them anymore to look at. Plus I started getting commissioned to paint specific projects, which, as you can see, finishing these things in a timely manner is not my strong suit. So, for now, I just paint them in the hopes that one day they might see a tabletop, or better yet find there way to a games day event.

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    So, here we go with the weekly update. Got some more done, but didn't quite get around to finishing anything (though I think we should see some things finished next week).

    Skaven: Blocked out the armour bits to bring some contrast. Another two or three highlights on the skin and a few washes... starting to separate bulbous grossness from bloody goo from actual skin.

    Dwarfs: This is one of the ones I should see through to finishing by next week, but who knows. Really not sure what I want to paint next for the dwarfs, so if anyone has any suggestions (should be a unit or war machine type). Added a little design to the hem of his dress, highlighted the metal bits a bit, finished the skin. Still need to do the horns, add dirt and grime to the hem, highlight the design a little, finish the metal bits and gems.

    Empire: Did quite a bit on the knight this week. Fleshed out some color on the horse, added the dots and fleshed out the cloak, did quite a bit with the metal bits - mostly trying to get bluish hue to the non blue armour bits.

    Ogre Kingdoms: Finished the leather and gold bits.

    Beasts of Chaos: Actually started it this week. Did the skin and a bit on the hair. Still not entirely sure what color I am going to go with on these guys, something natural but that will stand apart from the more natural colors of hair and skin.

    Orcs and Goblins: Only a little done on Skarsnik, but if I just sat down for an hour or so I could probably get him finished. Need still to finish the beard bits hanging from his belt (I blocked them out this week with some color), another highlight or two on the skull, teeth, and bony bits, another highlight to gobblas skin, the dwarf shield on the ground in front of gobbla, the leg sticking out from gobbla's mouth... ok, maybe still quite a bit to go.

    Vampire Counts: Started working the skin and wings, though neither is complete at this point. Still not sure what direction I will go with the armour.

    Mortals of Chaos: Worked on the skin a bit, though nothing worth a picture.

    Daemons of Chaos: Blocked out some metal bits, but again nothing worth a picture.

    Until next week!

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    Time for the weekly update! As a side note, I will be extremely busy next weekend, so likely will not do an update until the following weekend.

    This week seemed very productive in that I finished two models... so here is the breakdown:

    Daemons, Mortals, Beasts of Chaos, Vampire Counts: No progress (next update, I promise).

    Skaven: Not a lot done, but I started working the robes on the rider and some of the heraldry. Also, blocked out the skintone of the rider and worked the metals a little more.

    Empire: Again, not a whole lot done, but I felt like I needed to introduce another color, so I added a very small amount of white to help liven things up.

    Dwarves: FINISHED BARDAL THE MAD! Check out the Dwarven Throng thread to check him out. So, whats next... a unit of 12 Ironbreakers. In full disclosure, I could not find the right size drill bit so all of those models were painstakingly stood upright on the bases with no pins (need to stop at the hardware store this week).

    Ogres: These guys are very very close to being done. A lot of very small little details to still pick out... but I may pull the next three down to get the rolling.

    Orcs and Goblins: FINISHED SKARSNIK! Check out my Orcs and Goblins thread (incidentally I have posted all the links to the army threads in the intro to this topic). So, next up is another blast from the past, a half finished project from last year. One of the reasons that I stopped painting them was I got really frustrated with the color of the wolves, I just could not get them to look natural... so I really need your help on these. If you have any amazing wolf recipes please let me know so that I can try them out

    See you in two weeks, until then, HAPPY PAINTING!

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    So, when I said two weeks before, I meant more like three...

    Not a huge amount done as I have been busy with work and the like... but an update nonetheless...

    Skaven: Did a bit on the riders skin... still a lot more to go. Hit the fur with some highilights, now time to wash, highlight, rinse, repeat... Also, started working some of the open flesh stuff. I didn't notice before, but I see some flash on the head of his spear... so I will have to trim that up as well.

    Empire: These guys are pretty close to done, still need to finish the ground work and work the saddle up, though I am not sure what direction to go with the saddle. Should I use the blue/white colors, stick with brown, or introduce a new color that will contradict the other two? Also, need to work the gold bits up some more.

    Dwarves: Finished pinning them into the bases, primered, and started the first four. At this stage the blue and white are base coated, and the metals have been worked to three highlights and a single wash. This is where the painting will actually begin, as I was very careless (fully intentionally) before now.

    Vampire Counts: Worked a bit on the armour and cape, though still a lot more to go. Had a little oops with his head (the little red dot). Also, worked the wings a little more.

    Ogre Kingdoms: Think that I am close with getting these guys done, some last few touch ups on the banner and musician. Thought I was done with the boss, but looking at him now makes me think the cape needs a lot more work. Please be extremely critical of him, as the rest will soon fall into place beside him.

    Warriors of Chaos: A little more skin highlighting...

    Orcs and Goblins: Two wolf versions... please feel free to provide recipes or advice on painting wolf fur

    And that just leaves the beasts and daemons, of which I have done nothing with. The beasts are just annoying me because everytime I look at them I know how much work is going to have to be involved in getting rid of the flesh. Also, not entirely sure I am sold on the reddish skin vs a more human looking skin tone, thoughts?

    Until next week, happy painting

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    Well, it has been a few weeks (thanks to long hours at work and a bit of a field trip to the high desert for two weeks)...

    In any case... I have been mostly working the vamp lord, dwarfs, and a little on the skaven and daemons. I have really got to get it in gear and start finishing some stuff...

    For the skaven I started working his skin... though I think I may need to work some more purple into it...

    On the Dwarfs did quite a bit of metal work and worked up the blue and white.

    On the Daemon, I covered up the base with the thought that I would prefer to have small bits of lava poking thru the earth vs an entire base of lava... also, worked the wings up a bit.

    And on the vamp lord, I worked the wings a bit more, the armour a bit, and the bones a small amount. I also did some veins in the wings, though I am not completely convinced.

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    Dwarves have always been a good fall back painting project for me, easy color scheme, not much thought process. I use them to get me motivated back into painting after a long hiatus. I pulled all the old unfinished projects out that are on this blog as well, so hopefully I will have some decent updates soon.

    In the meantime, I am working on a unit of dwarfs I am calling "the baggage train"

    And also a repaint of an old bolt thrower so it matches the rest of the army.

    Both groups should be done fairly soon... famous last words.

    Hope to have more updates soon.

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    Dwarves look nice. Now paint that god aweful green movement

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    This week is a glimpse at the completed beastman test model. This guy will set the tone for the army, so comments are definitely needed... anything from colors to style, etc.

    I am trying not to just post pics for the sake of posting pics, so my effort will be to update an army type each week that has made some progress, with pictures specific to the army. But I will give a typed update on what else I am working on.

    Beastmen: Army test model posted for review. I also have the second one about 70% completed.

    Orcs and Goblins: 5 goblin wolf riders (about 50% complete), Giant (60%), Orc test model (60%), Night Goblin Boss primed for painting.

    Ogres: 4 Ogre troops (80%), I had 6 total but can't seem to find two of them?

    Dwarfs: A little progress from last week but not a lot. Still working the 20 "Baggage Train" (40%), and the Bolt Thrower (70%). Also have a Dwarf Thane in the que, just done with the basing and shaving the bottom of the model to get him to fit the way I want.

    Mortals of Chaos: 20 marauders (about 60%), 1-10 are complete, working on 11-15 which are about 70% painted, and 16-20 are still being based.

    Demons of Chaos: Working on the demon from the earlier pics (60%)

    Skaven: Skaven lord on Giant Rat (60%), and also basing a test model for the troopers.

    Empire: Working on models 1-3 of 9 knights panther

    Vampire Counts: 3 Crypt Bats (will be varghulfs) about 70% complete.

    That is it. If anyone wants me to throw something in the que, and it fits with the army rules as far as the configuration (I don't care who manufacturers it), I will be glad to get it primered up and thrown in. No guarantees that it gets finished anytime soon, I tend to be sporadically inspired to paint different things each week.

    KruleBear: That is one ugly looking movement tray, lol!

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    I am not a fan of the current silver/gray on the top of the snout.

    Btw--i have a couple of those trays and the photos emphasize their ugliness! Lol.

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    This week I am updating the Orcs and Goblins WIPs. So, on the table is the wolf riders, all five are in various stages of completion... now I just need to commit to finishing them. The musician and boss are the closest to being done. The Giant is also in their, very nearly done... need to finish his right arm and start hitting the little details. And finally, the Orc test model, on this one I am trying a new skin recipe, which I am not quite happy with yet. Looking for something that is still green but has more brownish undertones. Also, for the uniforms I am thinking of reddish brown, leathery brown, and black/grey colors and just mixing them up on the models so that they are uniform, but come across as not... if that makes sense. Also, by the orc, is another night goblin boss who has been based and primered but I am committed to finishing the wolf riders before I start him (we'll see how that works out, lol).

    Beasts: Did some weapon work on the second model, not a lot of progress since last week.
    Ogres: A little facial work (red noses and blue under the eyes).
    Dwarfs: weathering on the barrels of the organ gun and some gem work. Two more baggage train models just about complete.
    Mortals of Chaos: No progress.
    Demons of Chaos: No progress.
    Skaven: some base work on the test model.
    Empire: A little highlighting on one model.
    Vampire Counts: No progress.
    Tomb Kings: Yes, tomb kings! I have a bone giant on the basing table... and of course had to order all the new GW models that are coming out with the Nagash story line...

    KruleBear: I am glad you said that, I was on the fence, but it does feel out of place. Those trays are very much a two decade flashback, when bases used to be painted that bright ugly green, lol.

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    Yeah the trays showed up about the time I took a ten year hiatus. They are setting on my work bench with a couple partially painted regiments of skeletons sitting on them.

    i like the colors you are going with on the wolves and the giant looks pretty nice.

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    Ok, this week is the Ogre Kingdoms update. These guys are very close to being finished, but the little details keep dragging me back to them and keeping me from calling them done. I re-worked the cape on the boss, the purple and red were just not enough contrast. Also, went back and re-worked some red with the newer GW red paints... a little more bright then the Reaper ones I was using (don't get me wrong, I love the Reaper Master Series paints, red is just so hard to get that wow factor with). Any last minute C and C would be welcome... I am hoping to wrap them up soon.

    Beasts: Beasts. Started working up a third model of ten. I need to get the remainder properly based and primered this week...

    Orcs and Goblins: Putting the finishing touches on the wolf rider musician and the boss. Nothing more on the Orc test model. Put the metallics on the NG Boss model.

    Mortals of Chaos: Worked some of the detail bits on models 11-15. I need to get 16-20 based and primered.

    Demons: No progress.

    Skaven: Test model is fully based. Need to work a few mould lines off of him and start painting. Worked some green skin bits on the monstrosity.

    Empire: Finishing touches on 1-3 or 9 Knights Panther.

    Vampire Counts: Metal work on the skeleton model (1 of 10). I need to get serious about finishing the Crypt Bats... not a whole lot left to do on them, just in that subdued green that I never think about when I sit down.

    Tomb Kings: Bone Giant has been based and is ready for primer.

    Dwarfs: Finishing touches on the Organ Gun, now to get the finishing touches on the crewman complete. Also, worked on models 5 and 6 of 12 for the baggage train. Based the Lord model I am getting ready to paint (this should bring us to 2000 points, so once he is complete I will get a new army shot). He needs to be primered now.

    KruleBear: Its funny you mention the ten year hiatus, feels like I have had some of these WIPs on my paint desk for that long, lol.

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    This weeks update will be Mortals of Chaos and Daemons of Chaos. I am currently working the third rank (though I plan to go back and re-detail some of the reds in the front rank as I do not think they pop well enough). For the fourth rank, the base is done, I just need to get the models pinned in and primered to get them started. For the Daemon model, I redid my thought process on the base to have the lava coming out in smaller spirts and will ultimately have a similar base as the marauders with that exception (there will be snow as well as lava). His wings are proving to be a pain, I am looking for more contrast on them but can't seem to find it. Also, I am not sure where to go with the plates covering his nether regions... I could almost leave them as is, maybe a bit darker and obviously a few highlights... but will it be a mistake to not use a color in there?

    Skaven: The test model got primered today, and will be ready for painting. No further work on the skaven lord and the giant rat, but this model will likely be very slow going.

    Empire: I should have models 1-3 of the Knights Panther done by the time an empire update comes along... models 4-6 are in the que to be based and primered, and I need to locate models 7-9 after the move. Also, I added a mortar and crew which I had previously painted in very pumpkin like colors that will get repainted to match the army.

    Vampire Counts: Very likely to have the crypt bats complete by the time we get to an update, I need to model some pumpkins to add to the base. Nor further work complete on model 1 of 10 for the skele spearmen unit.

    Tomb Kings: Got the bone giant primered today. Excited to start painting him.

    Dwarfs: Finished the organ gun, check out the Mousekillers Dwarven Throng thread to see it (there is a link at the bottom of the first post in this topic). Finished models 5-6 of 12 for the baggage train, and worked on 7-8. Also, primered the dwarf lord. Once these models are all complete, I should have very close to 2000 points in dwarfs (I may have to add some reinforcements to the handgunners and the dwarfs with two handed weapons to even it out, but very close).

    Beasts: Still need to get the remainder of the unit based and primered.

    Orcs and Goblins: More metallic work on the Night Goblin Boss, but nothing much beyond that.

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    I like the light colored fur on the demons legs. It is a nice change as i usually see him in all red.

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    This week brings the skaven update. I have blocked out the colors I think I will go with for the rats, but I am not completely convinced about the red/green combo on the shield. I could skip this, and just do wood for the planks? Any advice? Also, on the skaven lord, I am really trying to get those green bulbous bits on the giant rat to look very rotten and infected... any advice would be great.

    Empire: A little more work on knights 1-3 this week, also started making an appropriate base for the 9 models. Model 4 got set up with a bit of green stuff to make make the model more leapordy. 5 and 6 will come next, followed by 7-9.

    Vampire Counts: Every time I look at the crypt bats I tell myself I will paint them soon. Skeleton 1 of 10 got a little wood work.

    Tomb Kings: Did a base of scorched brown on all the bone and wood bits for the Skeletal Giant. Also, put a base of metallics.

    Dwarfs: Just about done with 7 and 8 of 12 of the baggage train. Also, worked the thane up quite a bit, might even finish him before he even makes it to a WIP update .

    Beasts: Worked on 2-3 of 12 of the Beasts. Same blondish hair as the test model, but I will use different hair colors for the rest. Have to finish the loin clothes and age the weapons and these two will be done. Also, primered and put a metallic base coat on the Khazrak One Eye model.

    Orcs and Goblins: No significant updates.

    Mortals of Chaos: No progress.

    Demons of Chaos: A few washes of red to the inside of the wings.

    Krulebear: Thanks! I wanted to keep a more bestial tone to him.

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    You paint a lot like me, little contrast, lining and some blends, although I do not line much anymore.

    To improve on this, you need to blend even the lines then alter the washes but paint the mini, not only wash underneath then some lining and paint. I just learned this the hard way, so buy some 15/0 pencils and decorate with lines and _fine_ blends. The trick is to miniatureify your painting. Also, watch out for "Washy Man" as this is about a 6/10 as a score on CMON.

    As an example see my Ork Warboss, I hope that you see what I want to help you with

    HTH and hope you improve towards more painting instead of using the tools.

    On the minis, I like the old GW style dwarfs best as they are more colourful. Same goes for the knights and I made myself a skaven warboss steed of yours (Monstrous Arcanum book FW) with a Island of blood box skaven warlord and a stonehorn.

    Furthermore, happy painting.
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