Hi guys I hope you are well. Forgive me if this is a case of "operator error" but I was trying to do some voting and comment posting this morning and occasionally after I had selected one of the radio buttons to score a mini the page request is sent to the server but for some reason I am sent back to the same page (i.e. the same mini,as if it was a page refresh) and I am unsure as to whether or not my vote was actually processed as the vote count on the miniature did not increment and the score was unaffected. This happened on about 75% of the 20 or so mini's I was trying to vote on this morning. The same thing happened when I tried to post a comment on a miniature, the page appeared to refresh itself without applying my comment and presumably my vote? Has anyone else experienced this or am I going crazy? I can post an example of one of the mini's in question if that would help, or is this most likely a system wide issue?