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    Default TOPC Painting Tutorial !

    Hey everyone, a tutorial thats WIP at the moment, please leave your thoughts !
    Zac, TOPC

    current progress
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    Lietpold the Black Tutorial Pt 1 - Model Overview

    Lietpold the Black Tutorial Pt 2 - Setup and prepping the miniature

    Lietpold the Black Tutorial Pt 3 - Black Armour

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    Hi, I liked it. was expecting some paiting but so far since it is the begining of the project it was a good presentation of the figure and some things that you have found out.

    For the next part I would think about what is it that I want to show and how to make that come true, much in the same way that we do then we think on a figure. Perhaps a small written script so that you get everything in there that you want.

    So far good work, will subscribe too see how the next one turns out.

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    Thanks Kretcher !
    i was planning to talk over all the techniques befor Pt1 with a view of the finished products but my mates where getting impatient haha
    Pt2 and Pt3 are up on youtube now

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