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Thread: And they gave themselves fourhundred 10s..

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    Originally posted by Trevor
    Having a look through the top scoring terrain it does seem a bit weird. Certainly manorhouse seem to be taking a hit, but that could just be because they are a company.
    why do people score down companies?

    Oh also for the terrain discusion.. did you guys see that undead chess table... WOW!

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    It does seem that these two pieces are a bit over rated but I also believe that some of the scenery pieces are underated. A lot of people just give a 6s if they see scenery. I like seeing effort being put into making better scenery, after all things that make the table look better make the games more enjoyable....I think so anyhow.

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    Default Terrain Wars

    It seems to me that there are distinct \'factions\' amongst terrain fans that I knew nothing about.

    There we all were, minding our own business and generally goofing off in the forums and all the time there is a battle raging right under our noses:flip:

    I\'d like to say I will follow developments with interest, but that would be lying:D

    Trev, sorry for ganging up too:flip:

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    Default yes indeed...

    I love terrain, but I had no idea about the little land war going on either....

    Although Finn may \'goof off\' in the forums, I conduct myself as a serious minded individual at all times....

    Oh, and about Ganging up on Trev...I DO NOT feel sorry for him. Austrailians are tougher than nails, he could kick all of our collective butts!lollol;)

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    Default Terrain wars

    :o Well, I know what it is like to be in the \"no man\'s land\" of the terrain wars.

    Everything we do is sculpted from sctratch, almost always from sculpey. There are no molds, no pre-cast parts. We\'ve done arches, castles, you name it, and most of the scores lately have been 5\'s and 6\'s. It has come as quite a shock, given the prices for which they sold on Ebay.

    Some of these pieces require 10 to 14 twelve hour days to complete, so they are not just cranked out in notime:)

    For a long while, one of our terrain pieces was in the top ten, but then it was overwhelmed by all the recent flood of tens. Now when we post anything that is in the category of \"terrain\", it is immediately slammed. Interestingly enough, when a photo from that SAME that same piece is NOT called terrain, it does not get hammered.???

    I began to assume that terrain was not welcome on CMON, since I have seen some recently posted messages which have said just that. Now it looks like there is another reason. I always thought that CMON voting worked on the \"one member, one vote\" system. Can a person vote more than once on a piece?

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    my Name is Mark (Markus Mohr) from Germany, first i will say, that i can nothing for the Ratings on Coolmini!!!!!

    I have never rated my Terrain by myself nor i have Friends that have rated it for me, i`m 40 Years old and work in my Office for the German Police too. I have NEVER Betrayed here on CooloMini. I paint very long on my Miniatures und work long on my Terrain.

    I do not know why the Terrain was so long over 9, i have not any clue.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Many Greetings from Germany


    Orginal gepostet von Gypsy
    Don\'t know if anyone has mentioned this before but has anyone ever looked at the Top Ten Terrain pieces lately?
    I mean, come on, look at it:

    There\'s a guy named Mark with two of his models in the Top Ten but both of them are clearly overrated as you can see.
    Just found it curious, his buddies must have been tossing out 10s for hours on end.
    He claims to have nothing to do with it. Yeah, sure. How pathetic can you get? :rolleyes:

    Off to bed.

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    A login can vote more than once but there needs to be a sizeable number of votes from others to allow it to happen. I believe the IP address is also checked.

    But, if someone had a bunch of time/connections/willing friends/ etc, the system could probably be compromised ... something that does come to mind when there are irregularities in quality & scoring, but in the end, if you\'re trying to sell these pieces, the score that really matters is the final price on ebay.

    I noticed that some of the pieces in question are certainly not selling for the price one would imagine a 9+ item should.

    That is the nice thing about capitalism ... the market will generally set the \"right\" price.


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    He he, oh I have a thick skin, no problem with people voicing their opinions or correcting me when I\'ve got it wrong.

    Oh and I\'m not Aussie, mostly English with a bit of Scottish, I need to put something in my tag like dennismech has. Although the way I\'m going I\'ll be an Aussie citizen before long...

    @ Wappellious Your stuff stands out as being really good, I\'d love to be able to do what you do. I noticed terrain seems to score lower than minis as well, don\'t worry though your stuff is great.

    @ mark I thought your forge was great, I wouldn\'t worry about it, just keep posting your work, its an inspiration.

    @ Gypsy boy you opened a can of worms here \"Terrain Wars\" lol

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    Default Thanks to all

    Speaking of terrain, I will be attempting to post that article tomorrow. I was working on the pix to shrink them down, although I\'m not sure if the normal size rules apply there (100k and 600 pixles?).

    At any rate, I just wanted to do that \'cause I felt the need to give back to CMON. It has been very good to us, since we switched from the more \"traditional\" 2d art to a life of three dimensional crime :-)

    Rather than learning the hard way, as I did with the 2d art over 25 years, it was unbelieveably helpful to have the advice and encouragement of the good folks here!

    Now, if someone could help me find a way to waste a little less resin when I try to cast my own figures....:cool:

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    Default Talking of worms and cans...

    Originally posted by Trevor
    @ Gypsy boy you opened a can of worms here \"Terrain Wars\" lol
    Wrong sex....Gypsy is of the female persuasion....I know, I\'s that damn avatar:D

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    Originally posted by finn17
    Originally posted by Trevor
    @ Gypsy boy you opened a can of worms here \"Terrain Wars\" lol
    Wrong sex....Gypsy is of the female persuasion....I know, I\'s that damn avatar:D
    I don\'t mind. I welcome and encourage general confusion, disorder and cosmic chaos.

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    er... that was an exclamation, as in: Boy! Thats big. or Oh Boy!

    Not a gender assumption.

    I knew Gypsy was a female, although she had me going for a while there with that wiggly eybrow and beard :D

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    My question in all this wouldn\'t be about Mark\'s pieces, but a couple of ROBIUS\'s. How the heck did he/she/they manage to get 300+ votes on pieces only submitted on July 9th ??? ??? That\'s pretty amazing! NOt only 300+ votes but over 2100 views!!!! Just for comparison purposes, the pieces submitted the day before by Wappellious jave 50 or fewer votes and less than 500 views.
    I\'m not implying anything untoward is going on necessarily, but that\'s one hell of a discrepancy for pieces submitted a day apart.:o

    Oh, yeah, and just to jump on the \"Let\'s Gang Up On Trevor\" bandwagon... :D I\'d just like to point out that people who build terrain using Hirst blocks have done a lot more work than people who just paint up a premade mini ;)

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    I think many people view the top rated pics much much more, which causes more votes, it moves higher, more views etc. etc...

    Although that is a tremendous amount of votes....I have minis that have been on over a year without that many votes....

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    Originally posted by dauber22
    NOt only 300+ votes but over 2100 views!!!!
    Doesn\'t ROBIUS(what is it with the capitals, superiority complex? :D) have a home page? Could be that he/she uploads the pics there first and adds a CMON link to it, so people who browse his/her site regularly but are no CMONers are sent over here to vote.
    Or ROBIUS has a lot of friends, too. :flip:

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    Default ...friends......???

    Originally posted by Gypsy
    ROBIUS has a lot of friends, too. :flip:
    ...ahh yes....I remember those....:flip:

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    Default speaking of friends...

    someone e-mailed me this little quip...

    A good friend is someone who will come and bail you out of jail.

    A great friend is someone who will be sitting next to you in jail saying \"damn that was fun!\"


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    Default its all good baby...

    ...sure it is fun to see high marks come up for our good works, but to me, in the end it is the greatest thing just to share in our art form with our peers. I know there are plenty of folks who don\'t paint who vote, but they are welcome because art needs patrons too. Mark- your work rocks out man, Robius too! Manorhouse- oh, my god guys, I can hardly tell it apart from a real picture sometimes.As a terrain guy myself it is good to see new and novel expressions no matter what the material.
    Someone said in another post that terrain gets low marks in general, I agree with that assessment- considering terrain takes lots of converting if not outright sculpting. Its funny sometimes to see the low snipers, some of my own pieces got \"talon of Roc\" marks from some- to even the score so to say- I just say thanks for the compliment as I again agree with those who feel the 2-3\'s to be in their own way a statement about our
    In the end, its all apples and oranges my friends, so what. I\'ll just be here having fun, hope you like my things once and a while. And, thanks to CMON for the chance to flash it out there.:cool:
    Sorry man, it all just sort of came out at once... now I will return to my origional stance two posts downlollollol

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    Originally posted by praetorian0_1
    I am speechless as well...

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    Default LOL

    Originally posted by ZaPhOd
    I am speechless as well...
    That would be a \'first\':flip:

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