A New Halfling Army Book PDF for WFB
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Thread: A New Halfling Army Book PDF for WFB

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    Thumbs up A New Halfling Army Book PDF for WFB

    An extremely good army book and well worth a read - it had me in fits of laughter with the likes of the Bee Keeper, the Dawg Riders, The Pantry Guard and the flying Swan archers. It actually looks very well balanced.

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    cool army book, nice artwork and well-made rules.

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    I might have to break out all my old Halflings and give the armybook a try.

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    The sight of an entire villiage of halflings, wearing pots on their heads & leading vast flocks of very mean sheep is enough to cause most any army to die laughing.

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    For many years I thought it would be so cool to have a halfling army in the Warhammer world. Awesome.
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