Problems with the Virtual Alchemist,LTD.
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Thread: Problems with the Virtual Alchemist,LTD.

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    Default Problems with the Virtual Alchemist,LTD.

    Have any of you had any problems with the Vitual Alchemist,LTD? I ordered some stuff from them over two months ago, and I sent several (maybe ten of them) e-mails. He has not answered any of them. I just called the States and his audio mail box was full. Does anyone know what has happened?

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    from what I hear on other mini chat boards..the gentlemen is ill.....I believe (but not 100% sure) he is waiting for an organ transplant. He did reply on one of them, saying he was trying to get his backlog of orders taken care of :(

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    Wiccanpony is correct about illness although I am not sure what it is.

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    Okay. I was wondering what happened. I pray everthing works out. I hope to hear from him soon. And I hope to hear that he is doing well.

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