Argh, now I\'ve got officially a crisis. I just destroyed the 6th Rackham mini. Now I\'m too afraid to touch more of them.
I mean, I\'m not rought or careless with them, but I do something wrong, I just don\'t know WHAT!!

At first I broke the sword of the red Lioness by so much as thouching it. Thought it was a casting- error and brought her back.

Got a new one broke the sword again while painting it.

That one of the Lioness on horseback too.

Broke the legs of a Guardian of the moor.

Than one of theis spears while trying to glue it on.

Than the leg of Shanys while painting.

Than now, at last, the feet of Sykho Volesterus and one of the blades.

Now, to come to the point, what shall I do, so that I don\'t break anymore minis? What am I doing wrong?
It\'s really frustrating, for I can\'t go on painting the damaged minis, and I don\'t want always to by new ones. Haven\'t got the money either.
Hope you can help me.