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    Default PYP: Post your Picture

    Just now aroused the idea in me to get everyone here to post a picture of himself/herself. And to set a good example, I will start with mine.

    This one is from back in the days when we had no digital camera and I as a cult leader needed to show my face to be revered among my believers. So I just wedged my face into the scanner and there you have it :D I look a little different nowadays, maybe I\'ll come around to take a more recent photo later (currently the camera is occupied).

    Now it\'s your turn.

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    Dude! How did you keep your eyes open with the light?

    I could post a picture of me but then I\'d have to kill you all ;) lol

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    Actually, that\'s what I wondered about too. And I followed the light with my eyes and my eyes still are not blurred or anything. Why is that? Any scanner technician here? ;)

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    Ok a question from computer illiterate me, how do you post a picture on the forums? Help please! Thanks, Gin

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    Default Running from the Fuzz

    Alright, well here is a pic of me fleeing from the cops after smoking a huge fatter, and trying to not spill my beer... This was the coolest high speed back country car chase ever not filmed for a movie... and I am proudly sporting my LHDSHFJ charity road hockey jersey too boot!

    Naturally, it\'s all BS. The car isn\'t even moving...

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    I knew the white legs would scare everyone away :D

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    Default Tiberius

    Well what scares me is that aside from the hair you do actually resemble your avatar .
    \"give me suprise Mr Shatner\"


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    Look to your left. ;)

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    Originally posted by Greymane
    Well what scares me is that aside from the hair you do actually resemble your avatar .
    \"give me suprise Mr Shatner\"


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    Originally posted by Dragonsreach
    Look to your left. ;)
    Yeah, what he said.


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    I put that as my new desktop wallpaper, Mosch! :D

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    Default I\'ve said it once, I\'ll say it again:


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    sorry, I was having a bad hair day. And a bad chin

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    Default Granted, the picture is a LITTLE out of date...

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    This is a couple of years old, and you can\'t tell in the photo, but I was about 8 months pregnant.

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    well might as well

    there is a story behind this one, kinda!

    i was at my best friends grad party (yes i graduated this year!) and my mother was snappin off the pictures, and i cant just smile for a picture, so there you have it!:flip:

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    I don\'t know about this ....

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