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    hi every new to the site most prob not put this post in the right part of the forums.
    been painting for just over a year now and have just setup a blog site for peeps to see what ive done would be great if you guys could take a look and leave some comments on them good or bad it will all help
    thx ell
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    Hi, one thing that is noticeable is that you have too much "paint/Wash" on your brush then you apply it. that is visible since you kind of get a water mark on the Yellow golden armor. You could start to unload your brush on some paper towel before applying it to the model.

    Positive is your colour choices and I especially like the face that seem to have tones of a lot of different colours both warm and cold.

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    hey kretcher thanks for the tip did you check out the other pics for him ?

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    jsut added a few new pics to my blog

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