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    Default Eldar Exodites

    Hi everybody

    Im currently working on and eldar exodite army. If you don't know what the exodites are they are essentially a different strain of eldar that settled on planets and live a more primitive life. Most peoples attempts at making eldar exodites are by combining eldar guardians and wood elves. I waned to use wood elf parts but in a different way. Let me know what you think

    Here is a WIP shot of my guardians

    Name:  IMG_4327.JPG
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    Here are some more photos of my guardians
    Name:  IMG_4343.JPG
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    Default more WIP guardians

    here are some more guaridnas. they are missing their heads and guns. This is because i am making molds of them so I can cast them out multiple times with different heads.

    Name:  IMG_4345.JPG
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    I love your ambition in making a theme army! I've always wanted to do this but never had the balls to do so. I'm having a brain fart at the moment and can't remember the term when one uses a normal army list but uses conversions to make a different themed army than the normal one... White Dwarf 321 has an article on this where the guy uses the Wood Elf army list to make a 'forest spirit' themed army of dryads and centaurs, etc.

    Constructive criticism: Your paint seems to be laid down a little thick. I would suggest that you thin your paint down a little bit more. It should take two or three coats of paint over the primer for your base coat. A lot of thin coats of paint is generally better than one thick coat. Don't paint straight from the pot. I believe you'll be happy with the results you get if you experiment with this. Check out this video - it opened up all sorts of new doors in my own painting:

    Also, check out the other videos she has uploaded, they are great.

    Again, great work! Happy painting!

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    I just cleared out the brain fart - the term I was looking for was PROXY army.
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    Hey t77mackie. Thanks for the comments. What you say about the paint job is true. I have recently been working on them adding detail and highlights. The next lot of figures I paint I will follow your advice

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    Default exodite striking scorpions/howling banshees

    here are my exodite close combat warriors. they are primarily made from old eldar harlequins.

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    Wow, you're really committed to the Exodites hacking up your old-school Eldar minis! =) Me likes, though!

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    yeah i have become commited to making a decent and different exodite army. I was a complete eldar virgin till i started this army and have been buying up peoples old models off ebay to make my conversions

    check out my verison of the support weapons
    Name:  IMG_4351.JPG
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    Very cool! Love the theme and so far it's looking nice. Do you have an idea what all the units will be?

    I'm also making an Eldar theme army (dragons).

    Thanks for sharing!

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    thanks wizardwolf. im going to be using the rules from the eldar codex. at the moment im working on some dire avengers and some howling banshees, i will upload some fotos wen i have done some more work on them.

    do you have any fotos of your eldar army? i would be interested to see them

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    nice work on the exodites I'm a long time eldar player (20+ years) and I've always rued the day GW decided to get rid of the poor ol' dino riders. I particularly like the use of krootox (with bitz) to make the support platform. You see a lot of cold one conversions (I have some in progress myself) but krootox is a verra good idea. Keep up the good work
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    Hey they're looking great! i just started a squad of mounted exodites recently... but am still awaiting some pieces from ebay- ive been using some of the new dark eldar heads and ccw's but your exodites seem 'friendlier'... I LOVE your support weapons! great conversions (much heavier than my own...makes me wanna get back to them!) and I really like how characterful each mini is those old harlequins are pretty cool - will be keeping an eye on the progress!

    nice colourscheme too
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    Don't want to Hijack your thread or anything Paul, but here is one since you asked (I'm a rookie - my first painted miniatures)
    Name:  Gaardianblog2web.jpg
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    And if you or anyone here would like to check out my Eldar project, I'm doing a pretty in-depth blog about it
    here. It''s just getting off the ground, and doesn't address the "dragon" theme yet (you guys are the first to hear of this) - but that will come out as I develop and publish the fluff (at present most of it is fermenting in my mind...) and show the conversion work I'm doing.

    Thanks for your interest - it motivated me to put some work in before I posted here! I too will be "keeping an eye on" your project as it continues. Enjoy!

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    hey wizardwolf

    thye look really kool. im liking the colour scheme as well. im currently working on my shining spears unit (dino riders) and also a dragon which i will be using as either a falcon or a wraithlord.

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    Thanks for the positive Paul. I'm putting in a nice full hobby day today so hopefully will have some finished work soon. I'm learning how to sculpt, and it's really fun and challenging (converting my Revenant Titan).

    I'm excited to see your dragon! Keep on keepin' on!

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