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    no longer working with palladium on these so I've removed my minis
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    I'd rather love to have mechs based on the macross storyline (so zero, macross (well they are here, so check), 2012, macross plus, 7, frontier). But afaik there are licensing problems, so not a really realistic wish.

    But depending on the price I would buy them as the mechs remain the same even if I'll never play the RT game. They would be great for some dioramas / display forces.

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    Default Nice sculpts

    Very nice sculpts. Are you going to sculpt some varitechs? I would definitely pick up a few of these to paint. If the source book is good I'd probably pick that up as well. I don't game often, but these minis would be fun to display on my shelves. I think there is a good fanbase for macross/robotech in this country and a few others that if it were properly marketed it should do well. If you really want to show harmony gold and other sponsors/licenses that your serious, try getting a small table at conventions just to show off your work. Get people to sign mailing lists or leave comments and pass those on to the big wigs. Best of luck. TJ

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    This is a LONG overdue idea! I would love to get in on a game like this. The early sculpts/concepts you have look spot on. Can't wait to see more!
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    I would be a littel weary of casting some of these guys due to the similarities of existing battletech minis (also originally based on Robotech). Your human sculpts look like the Warha. . . .(checks and huh, well they look like a few of the old 'unseen' versions of the warhammer and rifleman that got IWM into hot water, so I would be sure to check that the sculpts aren't already patented. I now there was some connection between cbt and harmony gold a while ago, but I don't know too many more details, so I would look into it before it causes problems, just to be safe.

    On the other hand, I could see a lot of the mech-heads I game with buying this, if for no other reason than to get the minis.
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    I think this is probably the first complete miniature I've painted in two years. I did a couple 1/200 scale model kits since then, but not actual minis.
    I didn't go for any shading or washes. I'd initally tried a wash but it made the white look really dirty and I figured in solid colors it'd look a bit more like the animated series.

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    I am a protoculture addict, these are gorgeous. they will get snapped up by bt players if the scale is right. they look huge, which means they won't work... I still want one!

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    The earth mecha are about 50mm, the zentraedi are between 60-70mm so everything is basically the same scale as battletech.

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    I was asked to paint some of these up. They're really nice painters' models - especially the Regult (alien pod). Opportunites for freehand and some nice blends.

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    That looks ace, mate!
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    Awesome paintjob....i want some of those. Remember robotech fondly from when i was a kid, still watch it sometimes
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