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    I had a blast doing this project. It was fun to collect a batch of bitz, and then tie it all together with some green stuff and brown stuff.

    I love putting the arms of the plastic marines in more dramatic positions, with these weapons held behind them. It takes some pinning and green stuff, but it is worth it :-0)

    Here's the mini:

    And Vulkan on the blog, among other things (lots of White Scar pre Heresy marines posted in the last 24 hours!).
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    Excellent conversion work! I agree, that is a much more dramatic position, and your excellent paint doesn't hurt either!

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    sweet now that is how GW should have done the salamenders and as always exellent painting

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    Yup much better than the original

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    i love this! i must admit the painting isnt a style i usually fall for, but this is great damn it!! and the conversion is sweet=)

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