Warhammer 40k Tainted World Eaters Soul Grinder
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Thread: Warhammer 40k Tainted World Eaters Soul Grinder

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    Default Warhammer 40k Tainted World Eaters Soul Grinder

    This figure was part of a very large 40k army which was based on a 'tainted' World Eater army, hence the white colors for the flesh.

    Many of the vehicles have World Eater insignias that are corrupted. Any Aquila symbols also have scarring on them. The addition of the piles of skulls was also very fun.

    All that extra metal certainly increased the weight on the vehicles, though!

    Here is the link:

    And be sure to check out the blog...

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    Mental - I like it

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    I like the blue armor and rusty NMM steel.

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    I don't feel qualified enough to comment on it.

    Just wow.

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    Thanks guys! I also painted a regular defiler in this same color scheme, but the soul grinder was definitely more fun! :-)

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    Dude, I just re-looked and studied your pic more. Your transitions are just sick!! Super smooth. I really cant find anything to critique. Totally 10+++ and I rarely give anything a ten!

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    If it aint broke....break it

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    awsome not my favorite mini but your flawless painting may just bring me around
    more pics here if you want a squiz http://www.coolminiornot.com/artist/jason

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