Monique de Noir; knocking rust off the ol' painting hand.
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Thread: Monique de Noir; knocking rust off the ol' painting hand.

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    Default Monique de Noir; knocking rust off the ol' painting hand.

    She's still waiting for approval and all so I'll toss a link and pics in here. This is a mini I knocked out over a few hours to both get the rust out of the hand (it's been eight months or so) and to test a color scheme for an army I've assembled. She's quickly done in that I didn't bother with glazes or washes; just quick layering to get the colors there both for composition and to see if I really am mad enough to do a small force in all NMM. I also played around with the wife's Sony camera and my android phone, and after a lot of tinkering on both the android phone won for taking pictures; besides cropping all I had to do in GIMP was drop the levels on the black by a hair or two in order to get the colors to match.

    In any case, even though she's not the prettiest thing, I'd still be glad to have whatever criticisms and observations you all might have, even if it's just of the "stop being a lazy bum and do it right next time" variety.

    Oh, and the votey linkey thing. -ey. Thanks for looking!

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    Monique is a great figure, I really enjoyed painting it myself. You managed to make her quite paladin-y with those colours, despite her bat-themed "bad guy" armour.

    Oh wait... I meant to say that if this is what you can paint in a few hours after not painting for 8 months, I kinda hate you.

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    Welcome back! She's gorgeous! I'm jealous, I had just gotten NMM down when I took a break and when I came back - I couldn't do it to save my life and I'm still struggling with it. lol! So I'm gonna ask you this to see if I'm finally grabbing the premise of the technique again. It appears to me that the light source for the NMM is a little - scattered and not as distinct? Maybe? I don't know that's why I'm asking. lol!

    There is only one thing that jumps out at me and it's a nit pick at best - the black lining looks a little harsh against the soft colors. But I imagine that's because you didn't do any washes or glazes. That is so minor it's not really worth mentioning. And completing her in a few hours after a significant break - very well done!

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    No, no, all criticism is good; I live for the nitpicks . I guess I should qualify the "few" hours at six; normally when painting for display purposes I hit around 12-15 for quick display work and 30-40 for complicated stuff (like the Floor with Paladin I did a while back). I do have a one-hour speed paint mini around here somewhere I should find and post up...

    On the NMM I aimed for the light to be falling more to her right side (left side viewing), and I also tried to make the teal appear more reflective than the gold. I didn't want to punch either up to SENMM levels, but wanted the teal to look enameled and the gold to look burnished, and the sword to look vaguely sharp-ish. I use Brown Liner to make the lining not too harsh, but the thickness of the line varies quite a bit as I wasn't being overly anal, so that might be why it's so glaring.

    On the paladin-y side that's kinda what I was going for; I figured with noncommital colors she could be an antipaladin or one who is a follower of a good dragon, even. The mini itself has a bit of a fang impression on the lips that I completely ignored.

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    Rust knocked, I think. Great job on the blues on the armor.

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    I've always enjoyed working with Werner Klocke's sclupts. I like the NMM metal approach but some of the finer details seem muddy, and the face could use some definition I think. Great job after taking an extended break though!

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    Excellent painting considering the time it took you to paint her. Thanks for reminding me just how cool Werner Klocke's "Monique de Noir" is! I must buy this mini and paint her myself one of these days.
    You certainly show positive signs of mini-painting talent mate! Looks like your paintings hands are now spring clean.

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