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    Default Yshaelle l\'Oubliée

    Yshaelle is available :D
    Delivery in 4 weeks :( (at least... :(:( )

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    ??? What ,
    ??? Where ,
    ??? By Whom

    And most importantly How Much? ??? ???

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    Er... The new mini for member of the Confederation du dragon rouge.

    Well... the order form is on the Conferderation site, there \'s a link somewhere on CMON.

    I\'m not sure that I\'ve understood the question and my bilingual dictionnary does\'nt help me... maybe \"By Rackham\" ?

    11€ in France and 15€ elsewhere.

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    Ok, who here can get me one ? Pretty please, with sugar on it ? :innocent::innocent:

    Edit : ok, only one allowed per member of the federation. Well, screw them. :flame::flame: I\'m not paying 27€ for this mini.

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    On this (http://www.conf-federation.org/confr...de&m=documents) page you can download a form that you can print and send to order your copy of the mini.

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    Is there a link showing what the mini looks like?

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    Default You might wish to reconsider..

    Originally posted by U4-WelcomeEdit : ok, only one allowed per member of the federation. Well, screw them. :flame::flame: I\'m not paying 27€ for this mini.
    The last Alyena (Current fig) I saw on eBay went for 77 pounds, that\'s 117 Euro. 90 Euro seems like a good profit to me:D

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    Default A question for you bilingual geniuses out there..

    I joined the CDR some time ago, but i am not an active participant because my French is non existent:~(

    I have never been asked for additional subscriptions or anything, so possibly my membership has lapsed....

    Can some kind, intelligent, bi-lingual soul tell me if it is up to me to send in my subs? and possibly give me a link to the correct page.

    I do have a translating programme on my computer but it is utterly crap:D

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    Ipaintminis is still asleep from the wonder and excitment she created yesterday,but when she awakes I will see if she can help you she can speak French. I will ask her to get ahold of you Finn

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    what a pity i would like to be able to buy it..... its a very nice mini :(

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    Default That\'s very kind....

    Originally posted by TAB StudioI will ask her to get ahold of you Finn
    Glad to hear your little event went well:D
    Sorry I didn\'t contribute, but my minis remain a mystery as I have none posted that I could submit. I will perhaps rectify this one day, but I didn\'t want you to think I was being a grouch or anything;)

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    Default Let sleeping girls lie

    Looking through the CDR site, I found out the 16€ subscription expires after a year, so you might want to send something in.

    Quoting :
    L\'adhésion est ouverte à tous. Pour adhérer, rien de plus simple : il suffit d\'envoyer un chèque d\'un montant de 16 euros à l\'adresse postale principale de la Fédération (voir sous coordonnées), chèque à rédiger à l\'ordre de la Conf\'Fédération du Dragon Rouge.

    Dès réception de votre cotisation couvrant un an d\'abonnement,
    Vous recevrez par la poste votre carte de membre ; Si vous avez fourni une adresse email valide lors de votre inscription, vous serez d\'une part inscrit automatiquement sur la mailing-list réservée aux membres, et vous aurez d\'autre part la possibilité de vous inscrire, en tant que membre, sur l\'annuaire de ce présent site, ce qui vous permettra d\'accéder à la section membres et, par exemple, de télécharger les bulletins de liaison dès parution ;

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    Default Thanks U4

    Looks like I had better send them some cash....
    It would have been nice to get an email reminder though...

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    They send me a letter 4 months after my subsciption expired...:duh:
    I think there is a deadline on the membership card...

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    Default Thanks....

    All I\'ve got to do now is find the damn thing???

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    Yeah thats a nice mini, but I\'m trying soo hard at the moment not to buy stuff.

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    Message original : finn17
    All I\'ve got to do now is find the damn thing???
    Do you want that I ask them if you have to send them money again?

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