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Thread: Blackadders Fully Articulated Warlord Titan

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    BA your build skills are awesome and being highlighted wonderfully by the paintwork.

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    Thanks for the reply,

    Not All Beer and Skittles: or The Black Adder holds nothing back...........

    Just to show my humility this series of images demonstrate my fallibility. Yesterday I posted images of my first attempt at a new (to me) technique that I stumbled upon quite by accident; in other words I found no instructions on the 'net demonstrating the howto and pitfalls of working with powdered metal.

    Today I shall be showing my mistakes:

    First I made the mistake of working in front of my computer so everything has a fine coating of aluminum powder that only ingrains itself if rubbed. Make sure you work in an environment that does not matter if it has a metal sheen when you are finished.

    I have since moved my operation to the kitchen.

    Second I touted the availability of this powder. I bought mine a few years ago when I was building Lucie my Warhound at that time I was looking for a dry material for the pistons that would act as a lubricant and allow them to telescope freely and the aluminum served the purpose admirably.

    Well I did a search on the 'net and the company that produced the material appears to no longer produce the material thanks no doubt to the extreme 'Nanny-statism of the location of the company i.e. California. I have not yet found an alternative source so I'll post a link to the company's web page.....

    If you can find the product there, let me know.

    Third I took some flash images of the work completed and although the eye cannot discern the difference apparently what is under the powder changes the albedo of the surface giving the two tone helmet/visor/face mask look under flash;

    not a big problem for me now that I have discovered it because I already had decided to try to sand off the striations on the brow and give the helmet a redo.

    Lastly I stated that I bought this products from 'Sipersteins' paint store; judging by the stick on pricing tag(s) this product had remained on the shelf for quite some time before being bought by me. (Few stores mark prices on items anymore)* I am willing to bet that it is no longer commercially available because of presumed toxicity. (While I took obvious precautions of nose filter and dust mask) I imagine this product would not be a good choice of topping for your breakfast cereal.

    The same mentality that enforces mindless choking laws on kids' toys (Don't these kids play outside where, "Horrors!" lethal pebbles and acorns lurk and abound..., and mandatory headgear of bike riders has pulled products of this kind from the market even for the use by competent adults.......

    Thank you Nanny State.

    * When bar codes were first introduced people complained that they did not have any idea what the items cost so shelf marking tags were legislated with the following law introduced that, "If the product does not have a shelf tag stating the price and unit price/weight the store is bound to give you the item for free."

    Does that law still apply? Has anyone tested that law lately? How many times have you picked up a product that was mislabeled only to find it costing more at the register. Do you fight for the discount? or let it go?

    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Afghanistan Banana Stand:

    Since the albedo so manifested itself in the flash I now can perceive the difference so there is nothing for it but to redo the helmet and whilst doing attempt to remove the unsightly striations in the brow. I first scrapped off the old layers of paint down to where the seams were not visible. A few nicks won't matter;

    I then wet sanded the brow to remove the scraps. The good new is the wet sanding got water on the powder but did not compromise it in the least so water won't damage the finish even without sealing.

    Next I'll let it dry overnight and apply a base coat of black tomorrow followed tomorrow with an application of aluminum powder.

    Banana included for scale.............
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    It might not be quite so "Nanny State". Powdered Aluminium, air and a spark can be extremely explosive. Careful in the kitchen mate.

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    No fear there I am extremely careful, I have seen the lethal results of flour silo explosions and no way would want to duplicate even in a small way that result. I work on a white poster and only for a few minutes at a time to allow any dust to settle out before resuming.

    The container is adequately marked with precautions on the proper use of the product. The manufacturer has done his/her/its duty as far as cautioning the user. No amount of nanny state-ism can second guess stupid people from doing stupid things and I resent the intrusion of the lowest common denomination solution.
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    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    That is some accurate sanding BA very nice and will certainly make the dome pop being smooth and shiney
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    An Impromptu Filler:

    On occasion I have to resort to patching or filling poorly mated seams such as on the helmet where the base plate is ragged where it meets the lower edge of the brow. Now I could fill the gap with 'Greenstuff' and wait for it to dry, and sand it off but who has the time.

    Here's a trick that is ready to sand in minutes, durable and cheap.

    I amass some styrene sanding residue, (In this case I just cleaned the plastic dust off of my sanding blocks.) into a small pile on my work board. I then applied the thinset cement to the offending gap and dipped the glue engorged seam into the pile of styrene dust. A few repeats of the process fills the gap with the identical material as the original styrene which the can be sanded and painted just as the original piece.

    A simple yet effective solution.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Pardon My Dust:

    While waiting for paint and glue to dry I started on the detail of the Command Deck.

    Using the flash I was not aware of how much dust styrene filing was present on the model. Thankfully the Warlord head escaped contamination.

    All the bitz are CoD

    I'm really pleased that the vestibule lines up with the external 'Door to Nowhere. Purely by accident I assure you.

    The right side external catwalk

    The Left side catwalk

    The internal detail on this deck is only about half done FYI
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Ah definitely Nanny Statism then. We have had the same thing here in Aus recently with rare earth magnets. They are extremely difficult to get hold of now because of a single incident where a child swallowed some.

    A neat trick with the sanding dust and again the whole thing is looking great.

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    That really sucks; have you tried ebay? I get all my magnets on ebay now.

    What a Difference a Day Makes:

    Last week I embarked on an experimental technique to try to find a decent finish for my Warlord. Painting it a straight this or that colour confounded me because once that colour you are pigeonholed into a theme. Nothing grabbed me as the definitive end all and be all of finishes until I chanced upon the 'Battleship' alien watercraft. There was the finish I coveted for my titan.

    In a hurry as is my wont when I conceive of a direction I plunged ahead committing the most prominent assembly of the model to dubious untried ministrations and fortuitously the technique worked, the the results were satisfactory.and I proceeded to embellish a few other parts of the model with the same procedure.

    Upon photographing the results I found the aluminum powder augmented the detail but also augmented mistakes, poorly sanded areas and lastly subsurface paint which changed the reflecting value of the new surface material.

    So yesterday scraping, sanding and wet sanding the helmet, first piece I did, resulted in the finish today which I consider a distinct improvement.

    Fortunately as this is the only piece that requires such an intense refinish; I can now proceed with the rest of the model.

    Whoops, slightly out of focus; I'll try again later.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Wow the smooth surface makes it a lot more reflective ! Noticed the refrence you are using has a lot of blue and purple tones in it are you going to do this with washes ?
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    The blue and purple tones come from the computer screen which was different from the one image to the other. This is what I mean that the aluminum picks up the colour of the ambient lighting. The model will have a different appearance depending on the light source and even the angle of the light source.

    The best of all possible worlds for someone that is as alienated to commitment as I am.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Unreasonable Demands:

    Due to unreasonable demands I have not been able to devote more than a few minutes this past week to applying aluminum to the legs and feet of the Warlord but this afternoon I got a bit done unfortunately I lost the light so I had to rely on the ambient light of my workshop.

    The flash being too intense and the normal lighting being too muted; the actual is somewhere in between.

    The bottom line is I am quite pleased with the outcome but the number of discrete pieces have me floored and I haven't even got to the main torso yet.

    Better pictures tomorrow where I only have to work for a living instead of catering to the whims of the lovely Mme Blackadder.........

    First glance at the images under flash look far too granular, such is not the case but merely an optical illusion of the camera, the actual surface is much more refined.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Too Many Parts:

    The legs and lower torso components take up a considerable portion of the kitchen table. Missing is the main hull and carapace components.

    This is actually the first time I have disassemble the titan in its entirety and I am floored at the number of components.

    I hope I can remember were everything goes...........

    It will be fun when everything is painted and all the parts are laid out.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    So What ARE Those Wires Sticking Out Of the Greaves Blackadder?

    Back about two or more years ago I got the idea of wiring diodes into the greave mounted search lights and to that end I installed the harness and the battery compartment and just left them dangling until today.

    I have the parts and the electronics ready but to make this work I need lenses to fit the searchlight bitz so here's a brief tutorial of how I intend to produce the lenses.

    I started by cutting square blanks out of clear styrene and gluing the blanks onto the ends of 7/16 inch (11 MM) using various sanding tools to produce the small round transparent lenses.

    Pictured are the tubes with the blanks glued on; one before and one after (You have to look close to see the rounded lens still glued to the tube.

    Also pictured in the top image are the greave mounted search lights positioned on the flying greave panel.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Serendipity Once Again Rears It's Ugly Head:

    I was going to keep these to myself until the Warlord was reassembled but this was too good to pass up without comment, the effect would be lost in the overall presentation of the completed model...........

    I wish I could take credit for this but it came about purely by accident; I noticed when I was applying the armour veneers that the 'Testors' glue was slightly dissolving the 0,25 MM (0.010 inch) sheet styrene but until highlighting these large panels today I had no idea to what extent. The aluminum powder accentuates the dissolved areas giving a millennia old worn and weathered appearance that probably could not have been achieved on purpose.

    The effect was simple to achieve I just took the tube of glue and squeezing ever so slightly applied threadlike trails all over the area to be covered with the pre-cut sheet styrene. I the rubbed the panel until the glue set and sealed the edges with thin set solvent.

    Even the mistakes and warped panels lend character to the armour simulation battle damage or in the case of the prominent vertical line in the first image where I removed a strip of styrene and applied it diagonally for greater aesthetic appeal looks like the residue of a centuries old modification.

    Of course there may be some that do not like this mottled effect but to me this battle weary biped looks the better for the superficial damage.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    The Command Deck Retrofitted:

    In view of the new colour scheme the Command deck needed to be brought into accord so the new Command is now complete and ready for furniture and shutters.

    The big gaping hole is for the lighting module that will light both the Command and Engineering decks.

    Much of the interior is chopped up bitz from a CoD kit with a few home made items such as the blast doors and the front wall panel.

    I think the steely interior is more in keeping with the 40K genera but the English signs may be a bit out of place. I can't recall warning signs in my search for Warhammer items.

    Anyway the Vestibule of the "Door to Nowhere" now has a pocket door

    I definitely need a light in the vestibule to show the detail.

    But for now a flash will do.

    I really love weekends, I get so much done..............
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Wow what a difference a week makes, the effect on the plates looks great and very worn. The painted interior looks awesome and in keeping with the outside, wouldn't worry too much on the english lettering as even GW don't write what the words would look like in high gothic
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    Update on the powdered metal, in my travels today I tried a local artist supply store where I found "Pearl Ex Pigments"

    These are true metallic pigments and I purchased "Aztec Gold", "True Blue" and "Silver" which is actually a grey pigment that I intend to mix with the 'True Blue' to make a 'Steel' colour.

    Someone might check for Aussie art stores that may stock similar materials.

    Here is a link to a US store for reference and colour chart. Note on the colour chart; it shows the colour but doesn't represent the metallic sheen if the actual pigment.

    Since this stuff is manufactured in California, the Super Nanny State, it should be safe enough to feed your Joey as the label says NON-TOXIC.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Whoa the etched metal effect is sweet! Have you ever tried using graphite to highlight metals? it's an easy trick and looks good, if a little dark.

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