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Thread: Blackadders Fully Articulated Warlord Titan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackadder View Post

    BTW I have added much more detail than the original so the camoflage does do something; it increases the appearance of detail.
    awesome work as always just wondering though how effective is camouflage on a 30+ metre walking engine of destruction? regardless of colour i daresay a titan would be hard to miss

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    The camouflage doesn't hide the Titan but busies up the surface giving the illusion of more detail is what I meant.


    The Relativity of Bland

    Well paint doesn't seem to help much everything looks so so bland. It seems there should be more patches and panels, definitely more skulls and aquila perhaps a few banners and those badges with ribbons dangling from them 'What are they called the name escapes me.

    Ah! 'Purity Seals' never mind..............

    Anyway the secondary weapons are masked for priming and I'm pretty satisfied with them.

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    Big guns go bang! I am very excited to see how this starts to look with colour on it! Great work Blackadder!

    Join me as I try to place as a finalist at Golden Demon

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    where do you get all your plastcard? also epic work man. epic...

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    Yet another request of my source of styrene so I am going to be up front and reveal my larder.

    Over the course of a few years I have accumulated quite an inventory of styrene strips and sheets mainly by investing about twenty bucks a month into increasing my reservoir of material.

    I won't lie to you on the face of it it is a tremendous outlay of cash for an inventory of this size and Evergreen won't spring for a display carousel for a noncommercial site even though I regularly extol their product.

    In addition I have researched wholesale distributors of styrene sheets which is by far the biggest single outlay of cash for material. I found a local one in an Industrial park that supplies my requirements.

    Now that I have all the styrene I need I routinely spend about 20 bucks a month to keep my supply sufficiently abundant.

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    Very impressive. A Styrene prepper! And I thought I was bad.
    “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”.
    George Orwell

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    A Mélange of Decor, Dispair, Decadence and Decay

    Unfortunately using a flash washes out a good bit of detail especially the 0.010 inch/ 0.25 MM layered armour which hopefully washes will bring to the fore.

    The new bitz is what I am debuting with this post and I am hoping that I have achieved the right degree of decoration, decadence and decay which permeates the desperate 40K future world much as western culture seems hellbent on the road to in the early 21st century.

    In this first image I show the new side detail of the carapace which is a melange of DS's bitz work and my interpretation thereof which is somewhat less busy and I hope makes more sense from an (totally bogus) engineering standpoint

    Most prominent are the numerous vents and exhaust fans that I deem necessary to cool the vast heat producing engines necessary to animate this behemoth:

    This image shows the top of the carapace showing the four adjunct shield relays and the two shoulder field regulator receivers one on either side of the carapace munitions exhaust fan:

    Top rear view showing the four rear shield relays and the four make up air inlets for cooling the carapace and sweeping stray radiation from the ammo magazines:

    And an image sans flash to better show the new detail:

    Demonstrating that the Blackadder clearly needs to get a life or at the very least a better grip on reality...............

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    I would say perfect level of detail to surface area and well thought out functionality !
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    What seat is this?

    I found this in my son's bitz box and I was wondering if anyone can identify what kit it came from?

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    Warlord and Thunderhawk Seats

    First let me thank all that responded to my query as to the origin of the cockpit seat I posted.

    It turns out that it is the ejector seat (empty) that is included with the FW Lightning and Thunderbolt.

    Warlord and Thunderhawk Seats

    Besides the twin seats I made for the Warlord previously I am going to make 6 slightly oversized versions of the Lightning and Thunderbolt ejector seats for my Thunderhawk. Oversized to accomidate the rather robust SM physique.

    A lesson to all, don't let your ol'lady trash yer bitbox ya migjt jest need some o' that crap some day.

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    More than impressive, can't wait to see this baby painted up!

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    Am I the only one who considers gray primer paint?

    Windscreens Applied

    I know it might not seem that big a deal to some but installing windscreens on the delicate frame was a time consuming and frustrating operation. I made the panes out of 1.0 mm (0.040 inch) thick clear styrene hand shaped and sanded to a precise fit.

    Each panel was slightly different in shape and size than its mirror panel but none were more than 0.5 mm which made me extremely pleased.

    I hope the camera catches these panels I left the dust on and backlit them so they are visible.

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    Small Arms Defense

    I strikes me that a Warlord Titan is at the mercy of ill-disposed enemy ground personnel. However powerful the Void shields are can they stop sappers and suicide bombers?

    What is needed are defense small arms weapons firing down from 30 meters in the air relatively immune to reciprocal fire.

    Therefore I am adding a fighting platform to the chest shield with egress to the second level of the lower Engineering deck.

    Funny how this all seems to work out; the CoD blast doors fit perfectly into the opening beneath the head with minor alterations plus it gives purpose to the chest plate and fills the empty space in the lower engineering level.

    Purists may baulk at this modification so they are welcome to omit this from their Warlord Titans.

    Below is the Chest plate in place soon to be pierced with bolter loopholes.

    Cutting through the forward bulkhead for the blast door assembly.

    The exterior blast door in place

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    I downloaded some old Warhound schematics the other day but ended up talking myself down. You sir, are living the dream.

    You have probably already seen this, it's old, but looking through your post reminded me of how awesome armor modeling is:

    I have a Star Wars AT-AT in the basement I need to finish!

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    Warlord vs ATAT on the Military Channel What could be better............

    Holographic Tactical Display

    since I deemed this the overall Command Titan with a surfeit of nonessential personnel what better than to have a 3D display table in the center of the bridge.

    I was beside myself in what to put in the huge area behind the flight station when I got this idea. It was either this or throw a grange dance.

    I plan to use fiber optics of various colours to represent warring factions with Luteus Vexant and company in the center of the Holo-dome.

    Whether this works or not will be an interesting experiment but so far all the components seem viable and better still fit nicely into the space available............

    Now I just have to figure out how to light it.............

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    holy bejeezus! the scope keeps getting better. especially now with the latest installment of "Pimp My Warlord!"

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    My dear Mr. Blackadder... I know...I know... people often say so but... You are a really sick and awesome talented man! this Titan is... well... I´m speechles!I bow my knees to your skill and imagination!
    I´m not evil... you are just weak!

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    (Horus, Warmaster)

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    To light it you could always use clear/tinted plastic for the plate and fit LED's underneath? For hololiths and things I've seen good use made of the Epic range?

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    Yeah! Chrispy sent me something about that kind of thing in my wip only with clear resin for underlit fire. See below..

    Pic 5 just shows the initial setup of the clear resin piece (okay, so it's slightly clear-yellow). In 6 he used transparent orange and red to paint the piece, then 7 he dry brushed the dark ash colors. 8 shows what it looks like when lit and the rest are from the build up- this was "kiss the cook" in which a zombie is bbq'ing peoples.

    Dear copy-paste,
    I love you.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Below is the primary reason this model probably never will be done.

    Ever since I glued the "bra" on the asymmetry of the lower edge has bothered me. Probably no one would ever notice that the left lozenge shaped vent is a millimeter more visible than the one on the right side. I have to pare down the "bra" to conform to the left side starting with the surface armour.

    Freud was right; Blackadder is certifiable.

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