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Thread: Blackadders Fully Articulated Warlord Titan

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    Glad you pointed out which they were, as I would never have guessed
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    Pissed the Day Away

    Just so ya don't think the Blackadder pissed the day away posting on the various forums I subscribe I did do some experimentation on the cockpit lighting. It looks as though I may need a light diffuser to obtain the particular form of malevolence I am reaching for. But for a first try very gratifying............
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    Inner Workings Update

    Hi Blackadder here; I took a few day off to plan where I was going on this and decided to work a bit on the interior as I have run out of ideas on the exterior.

    Fortunately this model is so big and complex that I can jump from one area to another and still keep fresh on inspiration resolving detail.

    I went back to my CoD scrap and found vents and conduit, push buttons and panel and fantastic ducting that lend itself to the ultimate consummation of this model.

    Serendipity reared its ugly head in the for of the chimneys of the Manufactorum model gave me ducting to the condensers of the reactor coolant; a fortuitous accident that worked better than if I planned it.

    Note the huge duct that exhausts (unfortunately over the view window). This leads to the condenser that cools the radioactive coolant for recycling through the reactor. ''PURE LUCK, NOT AT ALL PLANNED!''

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    One hell of a great work, man! Have you ever thought to change your username to something along the lines of "plasticard god" or something?

    One thing I would add on the exteriors are legio banners, hanging from weapon limbs (tho I do assume You have that planned already )

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    This is the best way possible! You have some serious skills with plasticard and time and patiance! I want a pic of you stood next to it coz the scale looks spot on but I am intregued to see it next to a human!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teddy-Ruxpin View Post
    ................................... I want a pic of you stood next to it coz the scale looks spot on but I am intrigued to see it next to a human!
    Hmmm, human; that may pose a problem.

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    What a difference some gray makes

    To paraphrase an old song.................

    I started priming the interior and under the carapace and it really breaths some life into this construct; gray being a much more contrast bearing colour than white.......

    We'll start with the interior construction of the reactor chamber (with the reactor removed for clarity you can see to the other side wall the various controls on the mezzanine level and the major ducting for the condenser grid that cools the radioactive coolant.

    In the image below I displayed the left side interior for clarity

    And the left side exterior so the following images make sense

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    It's hard to believe how awesome this thing is! Every time I check your WIP I'm so amazed at the progress and attention to detail. It is beautiful. Thanks again for sharing.
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    Followed this thread from its start n I don't think I've commented so here goes.


    Everythings been said already anyway. Don't know if I want this o get finished. Unless of course you start something else. Either way brilliant stuff mate keep it up.


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    I actually can't wait for my next project which will be a Chaos Warlord based on the FW Chaos Decimator starting some time in late Summer after both this and the Thunderhawk are completed.

    Under the Carapace

    In continuation of the above post showing the right side exterior wall in place the interior ducting powered blower ducts air to the condenser grid much as the radiator works in your car. This cools the reactor coolant. A bit of license is taken as the duct doesn't actually connect to the radiator as the side panel is on a hinge that swings open for interior viewing because if it can't be seen all this work is wasted.

    The rest is just the same albeit with a coat of primer. The rear backpack now has a purpose; it is now the heat exchanger that transfers the superheated primary (and radioactive coolant energy to the secondary steam jacket which in turn drives the turbines (which will be in the top deck i.e. above the command deck )

    The backpack panel right now is just held in place by friction but ultimately will be secured with hidden screws..............
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    Scrap Heap!

    I was working on this last night and I happened to look at the edge of my desk and there were all the parts helter skelter in what looks to be a scrap pile.....

    And I thought to myself, ''A fine way to treat all that work!''

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    CoD Bitz

    Once again after a bout with a computer virus, lawn mower, installing a door in my kitchen and adjacent mouldings I have taken up the cudgel of building Luteus Vexant........... strange how menial trivialities take precedence over that which is of true import.

    I resume the task by supplementing my dwindling supply of prefabricated bitz to detail the areas of the carapace that seem too sparsely decorated.

    The CoD kits I have been cannibalizing are still providing ample fodder for my demands because I prudently have conserved both front and back of each floor and wall panels by by splitting them in half through the thickness axis with a razor saw instead of just sanding off the reverse face of the panel thereby doubling my inventory of parts and saving myself thirty bucks for another Manufactorum.

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    Catching a Mold Relief

    I am trying a new method of casting

    I intend to make a gantry for the Warlord diorama showing it parked alongside for service/repairs. This will make a huge model display stand.

    I'm using 'Sculpey' mold material to make a few more A M skulls for the aft end of the main guns.

    Since 'Sculpey' is heat hardened I am trying to cold mold 5 minute epoxy directly on the soft uncured clay relying on it's heat resistant properties to not lose detail as the resin heats and cures

    Below you see the mold that only required seconds to make once you sculpt the original:
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    Catching a Mold Relief 2

    At the risk of redundancy I include the mixing and applying the 5 minute epoxy to the soft clay. I refrigerated the clay to accelerate the cooling before drizzling the resin mixture into the mold.

    the slow application of resin allows the air to be evacuated from the recesses as the resin slowly flows through the mold thereby eliminating air bubbles............... I hope:
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    Irons in the Fire

    Granted I have 'way too many irons in the fires what with the Warlord, T'hawk, refurbishing my Superheavy Armour and now a display stand for Lucie but a full plate keeps you young to mix my metaphors.

    The basic display stand for Lucie and the forward cowl for Luteus basic primed

    What's with all the L's Blackadder?

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    Bravo sir. Keep it going! Excellent
    WARNING: Painting all of your miniatures may lead to death.

    "There comes a day in every man's life when he has to get off the couch... and kill some zombies."

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    It is incredibly interesting to see the workings of your mind. I can't believe the attention to detail, the patience and the humour that you bring into this project. Keep us updated! My condolence to your wife. Just kidding, she married you for a reason.

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    We won't go into that after all, this is a SFW forum.

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    Moulded Skulls

    Well the moulded skulls can out not too shoddy good enough for the relatively hidden area under the carapace at the rear of the cannons. I sanded the left one a bit much but once painted I think it will pass. The Skulpey clay did a good job and will work fine for the terrain that I plan for the Warhound. I just wanted to see how well it would work for casting.

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    Main Weapon Detail

    I keep adding detail to these guns and the more I add the more empty space I find to clutter up so after these photos I'm applying a coat of primer and see where I stand.

    BTW I have added much more detail than the original so the camouflage does do something; it increases the illusion of detail.
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