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    Quote Originally Posted by dungdonthanh View Post
    bài viết hay cùng nhau viết bài chất lượng. Em chúc bạn vui vẻ.......
    Cảm ơn bạn, là một niềm vui tuyệt vời để có bạn trên diễn đàn này.

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    Below is the rough appearance of the flight station blast doors. I was going to make them to slide open but it smacks of gimmickry.


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    I don't know BA, I guess I'm seeing more of the classic heavy waterproof door that you see on submarines and warships. Non powered encase the power fails; heavy, cause it is a bast door; small, as it is a choke point encase of boarders; hinged, because I guess that I see the body and the head as separate over pressurized compartments and the neck more "open" the elements? Thinking the ramps from the airport terminal to the airplane itself.
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    A water tight submarine door seems rather uninspired. I have this wide neck area that needs to be filled and I'm thinking that the Princep tank has to be loaded/unloaded unless the poor bast--- stays there all the time. Then the blast doors come in handy in the event that the Plasma reactor goes critical before the escape pod mechanism activates. The doors surely have their own power back up on any system I would design. Besides I think these doors just look

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    Despite the dubious practical value of the head machinations to move side to side and up and down by which I mean that a simple turret mounted video camera could accomplish the same with a lot less technology one cannot dismiss the distinct psychological effect on the enemy in the focus of that unfeeling stare as the great visage ponderously turns in your direction to transfix you in its soulless gaze.

    The magnets are all in place to secure the neck in the up and locked position and hold the helmet in place. Not a bad amount of work for the morning 'fore Christmas.

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    I know that it would freak me the [bleep] out. Then again, a giant walking gun fortress coming in my direction and shooting would require a change of shorts. So any plans to mount a lazer pointer to the head? Just the way to screw with your opponent, "See Snuffy the guardsmen there? Well my Titan here has seen him too." "Kneel before Zod!"

    You've got a point on the Princep's tank, guess that I didn't think of that. But then again I don't think that all Princeps are tanked, the younger ones are more just plugged in. Oh well, the doors look ace either way.
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    this is some seriously amazing work! Theres nothing constructive for me to say but i just caught up with the entire wii and it's been great to see. i look forward to seeing it continue.

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    Yeah I know it looks like I am posting the same pictures but I am trying to convince myself that the nose and cheek armour fits okay.

    First I have to prime the bits beneath and then glue on the face armour so it has to be right the first shot.

    I figure if I see it in a photo it will show me where the discrepancies lie. Totally discount that the armour is slightly askew; rubber bands only can accomplish just so much and no more.

    Plus I gotta go out to dinner, another waste of precious model building time.

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    The following observation is from a fan on another forum. Not being a football aficionado I wasn't aware of this similarity:

    Quote Originally Posted by Civik
    It looks like an angry viking or dwarf with a mustache... I ponder if that was the original artists representation?

    For reference, see the Minnesota Vikings logo.

    I checked that out and I've never seen that logo before (not a football fan); the resemblance is uncanny.

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    Its getting more and more difficult to take these assembled images. The parts keep falling off and out of place but I can't glue any of them on as yet as they need further detailing and of course painting.

    Below you see the overall effect of the model with the scale 28 MM figure in the foreground at its feet and a Lucius Baneblade for comparison:

    Here you see a grunt's eye view of the behemoth:

    and here you see you have attracted it's attention:

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    Just to few more images to round out the week.

    Top view:


    Legs sprawled in the classic Reaver stance:

    I love this pose, it seems to say, "Go ahead, make my day."

    What's Latin for, "Dirty Harry?"


    Looking up; well because the hip bolts loosened:

    No time to tighten them as I have another Holiday commitment................

    I hate this week.

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    With still a lot of detailing to do but with much work done... have you talked to your local paint supplier so that he can start thinking of ordering some BUCKETS of paint?

    He is looking great... I still remember when I first saw him and he looked like this:
    - - -
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    Amazing! It's big enough to claim on your taxes. You could just glue a flashlight to it's shoulder and call it a Searchlight upgrade.

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    It is amazing, when I started this model I figured it would be 24 to 26 inches tall. I kept getting responses that that was too short for a Warlord Titan. Now that it is standing in a relatively completed form at least for the basic major components most everyone comments on how huge it is. My basic rational for height was the following based on the Warhound and the Reaver. Each successive titan being one half again taller than the preceding less powerful one so starting with the FW Warhound been 10.5 inches, the Reaver being 16.5 inches tall would make for a Warlord 25 inches tall and an Emperor 36 inches tall. Now imagine an Emperor Titan half again taller that this Warlord and tell me that thats not tall enough for a gaming piece..............

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    Excellent work seems a little understated, EPIC! thats better.

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    The Weapon Spaced armour was the initial subject for the new year thus far. I wasn't too satisfied with the gauntlet armour as it appears on the DS model. It seemed too short front to back and made the guns look barrel heavy There is a add on counterweight plate that Mr Smith added and I shall add it as well but I also elongated the from tan rear bevel and increased the overall length of the armour 19.5 MM.

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    Did you pick a livery yet?

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    No but I did pick a name:

    So it's official (Subject to change of course) The Warlord's name will be, ''Luteus Vexant''

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    It's truly awesome! I do hope you plan on building an Emperor Titan, that would really make one heck of a display. Imagin, this bad boy standing next to an Emperor! How cool would that be? Great job. I've really enjoyed keeping up with your W.I.P. Please keep it coming. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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    The problem with making an Emperor titan is that it dwarfs the Warlord which in turn dwarfs the Warhound. You reach a point where "Awe" is suspended. Were I to make an Emperor it would be a Lucius Pattern (something I believe has yet to be displayed on the 'net) and from what I can glean from the "Epic" version is just a taller Warlord with personnel carrying compartments in the greaves. It may be simpler to just make add-ons for the existing Warlord..............

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    Something to consider...............

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