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Thread: Blackadders Fully Articulated Warlord Titan

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    Or you could make an Imperator and use it more as part of the battlefield than a war-engine...

    A whole new definition of Dangerous Terrain!

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    Today we're going to tackle the manufacture of removable panels.

    Misguided as I am I am under the delusion that interior detail will be a plus for this construct.

    The problem is how to access viewing of said detail.

    The answer is rare earth magnets. I bought mine at Harbor Freight; 10 magnets 5/16" dia. X 5/64" thick for about a buck and change per package

    The first order of instruction is "DON"T SWALLOW THESE MAGNETS!" I am given to understand that they will stick together in your small intestine and cause blockage that could result in having to be surgically removed.

    That obvious caution rendered, the problem is how to glue these to the frame of your compartment so as to take full advantage of their marvelous properties.

    I came up with this method:

    I cut thin sections from Evergreen 3/8" squarebox beam extrusion and glued them after squaring the cut to a piece of 0.020 scrap sheet styrene.

    I the incapsulated a magnet into the recess and sanded the rim down to almost flush with the magnet face.

    I then glued a scrap of 0.010 sheet styrene to the rim, allowed to dry, sanded off the excess and had a magnet ready to be incorporated into the opening.

    I used eight magnets instead of magnets and washers to close off the front chest panel on my titan as I wanted a tight seam.

    I used variations on this to affix the neck in the vertical and up position and to secure the helmet to the cockpit.

    E. Blackadder

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    I spent the better part of today tightening the joints and installing the magnets. The whole thing weighs in at 10 pounds (4.5 Kg) and stands 26 inches (66.04 CM) tall in this pose.

    The thigh guards are now magnetized but need centering strips to keep them square. The head in the up position is held in place with a single magnet pair and the helmet is held in place with two double magnet pairs

    The face shield I believe will get magnets to hold it on which should make painting easier.

    Whew I can't believe it's standing on its own and not crushing the feet mechanisms.

    Dumb luck strikes again.

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    I take it by "dumb luck" you mean "meticulous engineering"? It's not often I'm given to use the word awesome, but that's the word my brain keeps throwing up. Truth be told, this project is surely worthy of all the superlatives one can throw at it. It is, in fact, teh roxxorz. Yeah - that good

    incidentally, doth mine eyes deceive me, or do I bespy a bearded blackadder behind the camera in that second picture?
    "Facts are the impregnable bulwark that stands between us and the insidious evil of bullsh*t." - Pikey, over on Nagoyahammer

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    Trying to poo poo the naysayers that he really is a human and not some robotic building machine thingie with a really roundabout way of taking over the world.
    "Yes, yes, yes. Woman are in awe of his manhood and men swoon in his wake. Truly he is a legend in his own mind."

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    I can just imagine when it's finished, some guy gets all excited about his new FW Titan and puts it on the table for a game. Then Blackadder is like "that's not a Titan...THIS is a Titan" in his best Crocodile Dundee impression.

    Try to make sure you can slide the magnetized parts off. Rather than pull. It'll really cut down on the wear and tear. Looks like that chest panel can be slid off, so maybe you don't need this tip. Pins can prevent sliding, if need be, rather than housing the magnet so it can only be pulled.

    If you put steel washers behind the magnets you can significantly increase their pull force...or...focus their power? At any rate, something to consider, washers are much cheaper than the larger magnets. Well, ideally I guess you'd want a disc, but a washer works well enough and are cheaper and easier to find.

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    Right you are: and thanks

    Magnets do their best work when focused. The natural field of a magnet is polar radiating loops.
    Disc magnets have equal fields (Figure 1). The trick is to get both fields working for you.

    A ferromagnetic backing plate placed against one side of the magnet (Figure 2) creates a more efficient path for the flux lines to follow. It also creates a radiating pattern favoring one pole, which effectively points the majority of the magnetic energy in one direction.

    When a magnet is placed in a ferromagnetic cup (Figure 3), the cup further magnifies the effect by eliminating the air gap (air is a poor conductor of magnetic fields) and brings both poles of the magnet to grip on the same surface. This is similar in principle to a horseshoe magnet. A rare-earth magnet in a steel cup provides four times the strength of a bare magnet. A cup provides a disc magnet the optimal magnetic flux focus into the smallest gap area.


    Name:  Making magnets work harder.jpg
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    My problem is they are too powerful and the lack of space in some areas. I encapsulated my magnets in styrene to cut down on their attraction. It also provides a styrene glue compatible surface to attach additional components.

    To learn more about rare earth magnets try this site:,42363#6
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    Your titan looks like a movie-quality model, the kind that were used before computer imaging became the standard. I'm very eager to see the paint.

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    Were the ATATs in SWThe Empire Strikes Back stop motion models?

    To demonstrate the frequent fallibility of the Blackadder yesterday evening I spent the better part of two hours making brackets to hold the steering cylinders for the hips (Multitasking for I was watching a movie as well) Not surprisingly I was not satisfied with the result so I slept on the problem.This morning in what I can only describe as a eureka moment the mechanism jelled in my mind and I made a quick sketch.

    Now it is off to the craft shop for beads and fine threaded screws.

    Note to self; I have to be more careful as to what appears in the background.

    The sketch:

    Note to budding scratch builders; the diameter of the tubing..........this may or may not be too small. I see in a lot of scratch models that hydraulic cylinders are fabricated of too small a diameter tubing giving a too delicate or flimsy appearance.

    steering cylinders on a construct of this magnitude should be massive for not only do they have to move the apparatus but they must also be able to absorb the shock of the step. A cylinder too small will burst or at the very least blow it's seals with great frequency. Make the cylinders heavy to be believable in fantasy engineering where the cost is not a consideration.

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    Returning from the craft store I found 'Michael's was running a sale on plastic beads in spherical bearing stainless steel colouring no less except for the 10 MM size, so now I have a goodly supply for some time to come for about 6 bucks............ sadly women use these only to decorate their necks, poor dears; you can't tell me they didn't come up the short end on creativity..........

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    This is the first try to make a ball and rotator cup that will allow the hips to flex when the legs are moved.

    You will note that the piston has free 360° rotation within the confines of the cup which should give me the range of motion I need. I have to make ten of these for each leg so by the time I am done this one will have to be replaced as I am hoping to refine the mechanism and apperance.

    Yeah you're right that's a Space Marine shoulder armour bitz:

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    this is incredible, kudos for the time & effort
    "we reach for the stars, forever looking to the heavens, our minds filled with wonder and the glory of the cosmic all; stretching the boundries of human knowledge and securing the solar system for the Human Species out there beyond the final frontier so one day our decendants will be as gods!
    You hold our hands so we don't blunder into things........and do the photo shop.
    . Andyg

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    Here I departed from the prototype by adding steering hydraulics noticeably missing from the original. And the Epic model as well I might add........

    With a lot of effort I managed to approximate my sketch, the four images below depict the movement of the hip rotor showing it in the forward walking, rearward walking deflection, rearward splayed and forward splayed positions.

    Shown mounted are the right rear steering cylinders, two of the eight hydraulic servos needed for steering showing the piston travel range.

    Now I'm not so sure that I like the SM shoulder armour rod ends and may remount them to a large disk..................

    Or leave them off entirely...............


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    I don't know there BA, I'd say that the pads are the right direction too go but the placement is off. To my eye, they look to be mounted 'loosely' on the ring that you've got at the end of the leg bit. Maybe if they were moved more to the middle of that ring they would 'feel' stronger/more connected? Hate to say it, but maybe remove the retaining plastacard that you have on the shoulder pad and drill out dips/slots for the ball joint in the outside ring be closer to the look at your looking for? Again not sure if any of this makes any sense, perhaps someone will translate for me again
    "Yes, yes, yes. Woman are in awe of his manhood and men swoon in his wake. Truly he is a legend in his own mind."

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    Yeah I feel the same way, I'm not at all pleased with the size or the mounting plus the employment of these devices will necessitate further modification of the original design (Shield Armour) as they provide prime targets that would immobilize the titan were they to be damaged. I am in the process of rethinking the whole steering apparatus which while essential to a "real world" construct must also be of a size and application commensurate with a construct of this proportion and vulnerability. I.E. they need to be shielded..............

    Just more reenforcement that the Blackadder is a likely candidate for the disorient express. Were I to not over-think this project it might be finished by now..............

    Whom I kidding I never would have been satisfied with less.......... Back up the cookie wagon.......

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    Blackadder here and I hope this is coherent enough as I am celebrating with my daily double Martini ''Dirty Harry'' AKA ''Luteus Vexant'' is standing on his own and sporting his new steering cylinders, almost double the size (diameter) of my initial effort. I know a lot of subscribers were pleased with the SM shoulder armour but it just didn't look strong enough to steer an 50 meter tall biped (actually 45M). My new version ties the actuators into the hip with a 1.5 meter (scale) thick mount disc that not only provide a more robust attachment point but also provides a thicker hip base which is a personal criticism of mine and other subscribers. An added benefit is that the whole hip is tied together with 1/4/ 20 bolts (sorry no metric equivalent, blame my provincial education). I love the new mount system as it allows "Luteus'' to stand on his own without adult supervision.

    We're on the home stretch now with this construct as everything is holding together swimmingly. I need only to add the chest and greave armour, build the interior and design a viable LED light system to get him ready for painting........................

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's a lot of work still left to do!

    BTW there are a few interesting details on the main armament shielding. I picked this up on close examination of the few images I have of the original and is a testament to the artistic beauty of Dave Smith's creation. If you look at the side armour on the cannon you see at the aft end a rather home made addition to the aft end of the shield. This is obviously an ''in the field'' (so to speak) addition that protected an area not foreseen by the engineers. This harkens back to my own personal experience where we added protection in areas that were not provide by the original designers. Kudos to Mr Smith.

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    Egads! It's up and standing! In a couple of months he's (or would it be a she?) will be walking round the house pulling everything off tables and blasting thing to bits when it doesn't get it's way! SAAAYYYY..... There's a idea. The NEXT ONE (tm) servos and motors. I want to see you get one of these babies walking. hehehe
    "Yes, yes, yes. Woman are in awe of his manhood and men swoon in his wake. Truly he is a legend in his own mind."

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    Quote Originally Posted by nguyengmtechn View Post
    I'm sorry, I can't decipher the intent of your reply?

    Tôi xin lỗi, tôi không thể giải đoán ý định trả lời của bạn?

    Man I can't believe I can still translate Vietnamese!

    ''Máy tính'' means computer but the context escapes me..............

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    Okay here's the deal; as the steering cylinders are designed they scale about 0.5 meters piston diameter. If you are an average sized male, thats about the diameter of your waist. That's a huge hydraulic actuator! Whether this is adequate for legs 23 meters long is subject to conjecture but anything bigger will just look clumsy so they will just have to suffice. Below is the breakdown of the construction of the steering cylinders and I still have to install the leg splaying cylinders.

    I hope these images clear up the workings of the assembly. If not ask for clarification...........

    Click in the link above the image for a larger photo..........

    Sorry about the gross boo boo image I tend to ignore such insignificant dermal penetrations............

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    Think that you've got yourself a winner on those actuators there BA.

    Wait! Did it just get a taste of human blood? Oh dear, that's never a good thing.....
    "Yes, yes, yes. Woman are in awe of his manhood and men swoon in his wake. Truly he is a legend in his own mind."

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