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    beautiful work. This is definitely a one-for-the-ages project. Twenty, thirty years from now, crusty old miniature gamers will be gathered around games tables reminiscing, and somebody'll say "hey, do you remember that crazy guy who built the 40k scale warlord titan outta plasticard?" and there'll be that general-consensus-of-approval noise that you get in such situations.

    incidentally, is there any chance you could take a quick photo of that 130ft high view you mentioned, please? just to give us all some idea of what 130ft high feels like, is all
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    Yeah, soon as I drive up that way again.

    Yes these are the upper arm stanchions that connect the elbow to the shoulder under the carapace. Right now they look like very complex salt and pepper shakers to me but when inverted and affixed under the carapace they should do nicely. The length is right but they may need bulking up.

    Meanwhile I need gun barrels. PVC is out of the question and I won't use cardboard. A couple of years ago I found an old beach umbrella on the beach (where else) it had broke as cheap stuff usually does and got left behind when the bathers had left the littoral boundary. The pole was made of plastic and it has been kicking around my garage for years. Damn me if the shaft isn't a 31 mm styrene tube. Now two feet of styrene tubing if you could buy it would cost $10 to $20 bucks; probably more than the whole umbrella did. Here's the lesson, watch the recycling bins they're full of gold.

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    Part of the problem of a construction of this type and magnitude is keeping the upper works light enough that it won't be top heavy. In particular the ruddy great guns stuck out a foot/0.3 meters from the CG imparting a tipping arm that can be measured in a substantial fraction of a pound/kilo. I have stated previously that PVC tubing will be too much mass for stability but to make a sturdy enough tube is difficult.

    I have now what I believe to be the solution.

    Starting with a full sheet of 'Evergreen 0.5 mm styrene I divided it into 6 equal parts of 50 mm width. The reason for this is that while bending a 50 mm wide strip tightly around a PVC tube is well within my capacity bending evenly a 150 mm sheet is not; you may prove better than I at that endeavor.

    Once I have a proper overlap wound and cemented I opted to glue the remaining tail of the strip on as well for seam reinforcement.

    I now had 6, 50 mm long tubes of the required diameter.

    Sliding the relatively near perfect tubes back onto the PVC tube and mating the seams I applied a liberal amount of cement on the periphery of the seam I pushed the segments together until tiny beads of plastic oozed from the seam and allowed to dry the result being an extremely light near perfectly round 150 mm styrene tube to build my gun barrels around.

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    The gun barrels are basically done except for the detail. There was a lot of wrapping of layers of styrene.

    The biggest problem was duplicating the bottle caps used in the original.

    But the finished result is very gratifying especially since they weigh only 29 grams/one ounce each.

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    Not much going on today. I made the mount plate for the cannons and installed the keel reinforcements as these guns can't be solid or even wound barrels as would be for say battleships. They would have to be some kind of containment devices such as would be found in linear accelerators. Powerful yet light weight magnets would contain the plasma and focus it out the barrel to the target. Recoil would be out of the question for anything but the lightest projectiles and even these may probably have their own fuel supply such as with a solid fuel rocket.

    An interesting note and something I was not aware of is that some battleship built before 1920 the main guns the 14 16 and 18 inchers are actually made of wound wire over a solid tube; Over 200 miles (325 km) of 0.25 x 0.06 in (0.635 x 1.52 cm) of high-tensile steel wire was used in the 18.0 inch Mark 1 . I did not know that. I had always assumed they were cast or at least solid steel.

    Anyway note the thin strip of plastic collar at the gun base. The one on the left is affixed but the one on the right is just being started. Note that the starting end overlaps the centerline. This is because it's harder to make the end lie flat to the contour when gluing but if you leave a sacrifice tailing in the beginning you will have a smoother seam when you complete the collar. It's not really necessary on such a thin strip but on heavier strips it will save you a lot of grief getting your rings to stay put.

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    You would think that by now I would be inured to the tedious aspect of scratch building but no. I am basically a lazy fellow and repetition takes a great toll on my abilities which is why I never took up knitting. So many times when I was building Lucie I thought F-----t why am I wasting time on these damned toes when I could be out sha-----g. Anyway the barrels are supposed to be mounted in box like housings and attached to the box like housings are more tinier boxes all the same size. Well it was a job to make all these tiny boxes and the two big ones weren't any picnic either as they all have to be as light as possible but while the rest of you slept I managed to get them made and now I am going to take a nap.
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    I just noticed one of your boxes isn't the same size as the rest.

    (Light blue touch paper and run)

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    Close enough...........

    The arm mounted weapons are basically done and I have to make the stanchions to mount them. My previously failed attempt at stantions was a waste of time and material as they didn't look right but I did find in my electrical goodybox a couple of variable degree connectors that look like they belong on a titan. I don't usually use prefab components but these have been kicking around for years since I refurbished a very intricate electronic control panel on would you believe a bakery production line.

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    First test drive of the new Volcano Cannons seems to be satisfactory. The apparent size is acceptable and while they aren't bulked out yet they appear to be massive enough as well. The balance is spot on even without securing the hardware I dare say that when the rear components are installed this model will have no trouble maintaining balance even when bending forward. The items of criticism are: the carapace skirt needs to be trimmed upward, the stanchion mounts are extremely pose-able/aim-able but need to be shortened, the stanchion mounts need to be cluttered up with a lot of high tech paraphernalia likewise the guns themselves but overall it's an acceptable start.

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    Jawdropping, and guns have excellent proportions. Considering the detail work you did on the feet and legs, I can't wait to see what you'll come up with!

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    Impressive man, just mind blowing.

    Been enjoying watching this grow.

    Curious though, what sort of tools do you work with? there is alot of detail on the legs and was curious how you went from that flat card look to that level of detail.

    (I'm a noobie to builds)

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    Regarding tools I don't use anything special. Aside from what you see here I do have a Dremel cordless, a cheap electric scroll saw, and a desk top belt sander all of which are rarely used.

    The main cutting tool I use is the retractable blade utility knife and I do have a see through plastic 12 inch scale to take measurements off of my LCD monitor.

    I have two computer programs that allow me to scale the images and magnify them; ACDSee 14 and ULead Photo Impact 10 Editor.

    The biggest problem new scratchers have is using the wrong cutting tool. Craft cutting tools such as Exacto knives are useful and I have two pictured here but they are for fine detail work not for basic cutting and shaping.

    As stated previously the Stanley Utility knife, a steel straight edge, sanding blocks (coarse and medium grit), and single cut 'farmers' file are used to get straight clean cuts and crisp 90° edges. You'll never get that with a 1/4 in Exacto knife.

    Another trick is score and snap; using the utility knife and straight edge score a line on the sheet plastic then a second to deepen the cut ( make additional passes for thicker sheets) then snap the sheet at the score line.

    Always make two or more shallow cuts instead of trying to cut through with a single pass.

    Dress your edges with the file and sanding blocks.

    This should get you started, ask for any clarification on the above.

    As for detail, its hard to explain but my feeling is "More is better." A good supply of scrap styrene and bitz is essential and just try to duplicate what you see. Practice is the catch word here, there is no shortcut to experience and I am still learning myself.

    Regarding the clothes pins I reverse the wood jaws in the spring for better clamping and I do have quite a few likewise with the modeling bar clamps. They are cheap here, I don't know if they are in New Zealand but you can order them on line from Amazon or Harbor Freight for about $2 bucks each:
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    To keep the thread up to date a picture of the guns before I install the outer sleeve forearm shields. Sorry for the mis-nomenclature according to the information on the 'net these shields are called 'vambraces'

    Apparently something Lara Croft might wear as well?

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    thats some seriously awesome work! the guns are looking real good!

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    I am relatively new to CMON and just kinda stumbled on, your thread by accident (and curiosity I must admit )... I've read everything from the first to the last post and I just needed to tell you that you are doing a hell of a job on this! I can hardly wait for your next post to see how you are progressing. Awesome!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackadder View Post
    Awesome and informative post

    Thanks for that post man, appreciate the time you took to explain out some things

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    That's why I'm here..............

    HA! got ya smartass! It not too often the Blackadder has to admit mistakes but theres a bigg'un in this post. I applied the 'vambraces' to the guns and lo' they are not long enough front to back as they should be. I could take the easy way out and say they were foreshortened in the image or the wide angle lens distorted the image but the flat out truth is I miscalculated and the photos revealed the discrepancy. Now I hope I have a viable solution with out having to rebuild this labor intense component "Spaced armour" might save me from a marathon overnight rebuild...............

    Note, Had I not lengthened the barrels they would have been okay..................Just sayin'.

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    There's an incredible amount of superfluous detail on the main guns/cannon/weapons to apply calling for a moratorium on the overall build but I have to see how much space will be required before I can continue so................... here is where it stands as of today.

    Note both these guns are the same size within a tenth of a millimeter, I don't know why they look so different in size in the photo!

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    So there are a few (read very few) new images of the DS titan on the 'net. Considering that it costs virtually nothing to take hundreds of pictures anymore why only three of this monumental artistic effort but I appreciate all that I can find.

    Geez can't someone take a decent picture of the back of this thing and try not to get a reflection in the image in the glass! Cripes how hard is that? Do I have to purchase a ticket to LA and take 'em myself??????????????

    Anyway these are revealing pictures and expose new aspects of the work heretofore unseen and I am grateful for them in spite of my childish tantrum..................

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    Due to yet another stint in the hospital I needed to take a sabbatical in building this my attempted recreation but back again with new ideas and a firmer grasp on what is required I managed to reproduce that which is not actually documented in the spurious images posted of this beautiful titan. My main concern in not posting is I was afraid that the back panel of the engineering department looked too much like a "Police Call Box" from a 'Dr. Who' episode. Therefor I opted not to post until I had most of the complete back panel components in place. Bear in mind that these exterior components will be removable so that the interior components can be revealed and lock into place by friction and interlocking panels.

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