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Thread: Basic Easy Beginner Photography

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    Default Basic Easy Beginner Photography

    You have a great mini there sir, however you do not have a great pic.

    Simple guide to photography solution -

    a curved A4 piece of paper as a base and background for your mini.
    desk lamp pointing at the mini from the front (not above!)
    camera on macro (not necessarily super macro) assuming you have a compact camera. (i use a kodak cx7525)
    zoom in a little and pull away a little to reduce depth of field.
    Take photo! however our photography is not like that of a traditional photographer. We are not trying to take a nicely composed and framed image in one shot.
    We are simply trying to get as clear and accurate image of our mini as we can.
    Crop Image's wasted space in photoshop and hit auto levels.
    Save as jpg.


    Here is a finished example.


    Can we sticky this??
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    Grrrr Photoshop...grrrrr
    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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    Quote Originally Posted by marjedi View Post
    Grrrr Photoshop...grrrrr
    gimp tis a free program like photoshop

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    The tip for the lighting was helpful. Nice fig btw!
    Please visit my blog at to view my WIP!

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    I would like to ask one thing.. I try to make like this many times, but still my minis look not as good as in real life ( in real life i think it is blended nicly but on the picture you can see lines of highlits or like there arent any at all, not to mentioon other mistakes that normally arent seeable...)

    Other thing what to do with metallics? always they reflect the light and when i put in more shadow then i cant see the highlights.

    Ill be greatfull for some tips

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    Hey Pomba, I might be able to help as I had the same questions not too long ago. Unfortunately our eyesight typically doesn't have super macro like a camera does. I was just reading an article that 81% of professional baseball players have eyesight rated at 20/15 or better and 2% are at 20/9.5 (the best vision humanly possible is 20/8). The famous Ted Williams was rumored to be able to see the threads on a fastball. Since most of us aren't going to be the next Ted Williams, our eyesight isn't going to match that of a camera. Try looking at your painting under a magnifying glass and see what you see. It was only a few weeks ago that I had to admit age caught up with me and purchased a visor so I could see to paint fine detail - most often the eyes and details of the face. But that visor has revealed a lot of nuances I didn't know were there. So while our eyesight can betray us, the camera doesn't lie.

    Now I typically take photos while working so I can easily spot problems and fix them as I paint, especially if it's a detail like eyes or whatnot.

    With metallics try different lighting and camera angles. Also when you talk about putting in more shadow are you talking about when taking the picture or painting shadows?

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    Cameras are baaaad. Add flaws to the minis we so lovingly paint while we sleep.

    Taking pictures is tricky, especially getting the lighting correct. All i can say is keep trying and experimenting.
    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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    Well I dont have many sources to learn new methods for free( or cant find ), but i must admit I dont have so much patience and time to be more detailed...but when i made for example my Malus model i took my time and put a lot of efford in it and still it didnt get even 7.0 ( I think that here people underrate many other good models to much)

    I must admit that taking pictures is a pain..seeing what i dont want to see ;P The problem are the damn highlits, maybe i must make them more deep, but in real i think for example that an dark elf helm is almoust covered in grey ( or to much highlited till white) but on the photo it looks like it would have one line on the edge and an ugly one :P

    Golds are hard to, the better highlits , the more it gets ugly with big paint layer (old citadel paints suxs I must try the new ones) plus the light reflects on the photo and isnt looking to good to. About the shadow i meant less light but then it comes that my highlits arent seeable to much especially on dark areas.

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    Well the voting on the gallery is a whole other can of i wont touch that.

    And i feel your pain, i suck at picture taking
    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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    These tips help me a lot! Thank you for posting!

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    Nice advice thanks =)

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    OMG thanks for the tip. I have NEVER been able to get a good pic of my mini.

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    I'm a newb and found this quite helpful. Thanks!

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    thx so much for this "tuto" xD

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    Again, glad to help

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    Sticky this please mod?

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