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Thread: Basic Easy Beginner Photography

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommie Soule View Post
    You have a great mini there sir, however you do not have a great pic..

    Simple guide to photography solution -

    a curved A4 piece of paper as a base and background for your mini.
    desk lamp pointing at the mini from the front (not above!)
    camera on macro (not necessarily super macro) assuming you have a compact camera. (i use a kodak cx7525)
    zoom in a little and pull away a little to reduce depth of field.

    Can we sticky this??
    Why do you want to reduce the depth of field? Your background is white away. I've had problems with a row of figures, and some on the sides were out of focus. Does the step-back-and zoom trick help there? I've been using either a rather old point-n-shoot with macro or the camera on a tablet, but have recently replaced it with a bridge camera (bigger/fancier than point and shoot, still less $$$ than really fancy camera.)

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    Its not about the background, its always about the models and keeping all their dimensions in focus and in proportion

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    This article has been really helpful, thanks. I'm just starting out with photographing my minis, and any tips help!

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    Default Hi

    great shot thank you. Please share all your photo , So beautiful :P

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    Thank you for the basics and the images are wonderful to illustrate your post.

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    Thanks for sharing!!!

    I'm for sticky this post!!

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    This post has helped me as well. Thanks

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