Alas, poor Yarrick...
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    Default Alas, poor Yarrick...

    Well, maybe not alas 'poor' Yarrick... he does have a power klaw after all! :-)

    He had been sitting around at almost 85% done for a long long time, until he was rediscovered! I am furiously trying to finish off all the stuff I need to get done for Adepticon. I have been down to 3.5 to 3 hours of sleep each night for weeks now. Basically surviving on Vitamin water each night. It's amazing how hungry you get when it is 5am and you are still up! At least breakfast is only 3 hours away, though!

    Here he is:

    I have been adding lots of stuff to the blog as well, like some of the dioramas I used to do back in the day:

    and the blog link for lots more pictures:

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    Nice - the coat looks nice and smooth. I find I hit the hunger wall about 0400 when your blood sugar gets low. When working a long one, I always try and make sure I have something to snack on!

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    Yes, that is about the time that the old hunger nausea starts to click in for me. It is hard to paint when you stomach is making noises so loud that you can hear it over your headphoes and blasting music !

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    Painting machines DO NOT get hungry.

    Nice try.

    (fantastic work as always)

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