battle foam bag came in!
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Thread: battle foam bag came in!

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    Default battle foam bag came in!

    just got mine in the mail today. it's a little smaller than what i would have wanted but when all the other games that CMoN puts out come out the will be the perfect bag. i comes with it's own load out but you can order pluck-able and custom foam for it. i play Dragyri and let me tell you the 3" pluck-able foam in the bottom is not even tall enough for the Howler so you'll need to order extra foam if you plan on fielding him or any of the tall Dragyri. my sedition wars will fit nicely. also my relic knights would do good in it as well. i would have liked a place on the back to a book.

    Nos es Legio.

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    Glad you like it overall, i am going to order one this week!

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