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Thread: AndyG WIP (pic heavy)

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    VERY nicely done I like it! The colours work really well.

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    Cheers Lads! Might do with the rails but not today.

    Saint Toad very kindly sculpted a base for my toad King which I painted up tonight I'm going to tighten up the painting a bit but it is essentially done now. Cheers Rhett much appreciated!
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    Good choice on the colours for the mushrooms
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ten ball View Post
    Good choice on the colours for the mushrooms
    Definately! That base is awesome with that mini.

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    Just an idea on the dwarf and banshee... Break or bend some of the fence/rails It may look even more weathered that way... also I would specifically bend/brake the ones that are just in front of the dwarf, just to let the work on the dwarf be completely appreciated. I also agree with the blues on the lower parts of the fences. Anyway I like it lots just as it is sooo.... just trying to give you more work! xP

    On the base from Rhett, such a nice present! It seems it feets the big toad king perfectly. ^^ I find the mushrooms a bit on the bright side but as you said you are going to adjust them a bit more so I'm just sharing my impression on them. Also they remind me of a typical edible boletus that is really appreciated on my area. "Rovelló -Lactarius Sanguifluus"
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    i think you did a great job with the duel base, much better! have to say Maenas thought hit me also, to bend some of the rails to be able to see the dwarf more. might not be needed when you look at it irl though.

    oh and the frog base, very nice!

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    Excellent base by ST and a wonderful paint job on it. The duel also looks great, though I do agree about the fences and exposing the dwarf a little more.

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    What a great surprise! I love the colors you've used on the mushrooms. They pick up the warm glazes over the green frog skin very nicely!

    Also, I really like the way the square stones turned out. I have yet to paint one like that.
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    Great job! The contrast in color between the frog and the mushrooms really helps make the Frog king standout, yet it there is still something in the colors of the mushrooms and the frog king that ties it ll together. Great composition!

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    damm andy that truly is a work of art. from the way the colours compliment and frame each other to the texture and skill of the painting, it all takes my breath away.
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    Those mushrooms work brilliantly. Sets the whole thing off really well.
    Love the way they carry on down the Pinot a short way as well
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