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Thread: AndyG WIP (pic heavy)

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    Just checked in your thread (actually disconnected from Cmon forums) happy to see your perfect paintings again. Awesome work as always... those underskin vein spiders... look so real!
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    Thanks it makes a difference to hear these things keeps me picking my brush up! Been keeping to the rusty dirty theme with the weapons.
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    dude thats an awesome miniature well done!

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    Love the metals
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    You are really outdoing yourself on this one, bud. The skin’s amazing, the metals are amazing, and the way you’re keeping everything tied together is turning this into a standout project. Fantastic job.

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    Really like the rusted tones in the metal, gives the metalwork a real richness
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    This looks awesome Andy. So much contrast in the textures and colors!

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    very nice weapons there

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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