Dungeons and Dragons is dead long live Pathfinder!
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Thread: Dungeons and Dragons is dead long live Pathfinder!

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    Angry Dungeons and Dragons is dead long live Pathfinder!

    Hi guys been reading on the Internet forums that 4th edition is over and 5th edition is on the way?!?!?

    Got to say IMHO 4th has been deeply disappointing if you want a role playing game. WoW light on the tabletop with skills virtually gone feats dashed and powers what ever they are meant to be? Magic system trashed and player character races and classes just gone!!! They (hasbro) putting profits I.e. releasing half assed core rulebooks to encourage sales and linking it to mini sales(withdrawn) and virtual gaming (failed) and pushing the 16-18 demographic nowt wrong with that but ditching the 30-60 age bracket completely WTF? Last time I looked this was the mainstay of support for d&d and certainly the age bracket with the wonga!

    Any way doesn't matter what I think but what the paying public does.

    Sales trashed, supplements not released and the elephant in the room Pathfinder (or 3.75 as my gaming group calls it). Consistently outselling WOTC the majority of the gamers very happily converting to this excellent system or staying with 3.5. (allegedly)

    That's the one for me no big corporate monster to feed just an excellent game system tightened right up till it purrs along like a well oiled machine.

    Rumours abounding that Monte Cook being paid big bucks to head up the replacement for this looser of a system but if true (don't know only repeating what I've heard could be bollocks) by the throne of khorne he's got a big task ahead of him when they have lost most of the market to Paizo. Why would anyone change back when it's choping and changing eds after what three years?!? That's like the suited board member /accountants saying yeah walking wallets we know we don't understand your pathetic nerdy hobby and we totally FUBARd but hey trust us this will be even worse sorry we mean better when we sell it off to some poor fanboy millionaire sucker and make a last short term profit.

    As you can tell I'm not bitter at all about the complete and utter f*ck up they made of the gaming system I love .......honest; this is a completely balanced appraisal of the situation and I hold no grudges

    Any way what do you think???
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