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    FYI theres a new confrontation PC game on steam that came out day before yesterday. I just started the download so cant say if its any good. But even if i cant own more any Wolfen figs, at least I can play em on the confuser.

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    I picked up a copy via Steam, too. I've played the first two levels on the single-player campaign. It's a solid RTS with a little bit of RPG built in. Graphics are nothing to write home about compared to modern-day AAA titles but it looks nice enough and nails the Rackham style perfectly.

    It reminds me of the old Myth PC games. No resource gathering. No re-inforcements. You have to get through the level with the 4 characters you choose.

    I played a few Multi-player games and was surprised with the lack of variety or depth there. You choose your 4 characters and duke it out with your opponent on a small map trying to spam the 3 available skills per character before everyone dies. Matches are brief and unsatisfying. I really hope they improve MP somehow.

    The game seems ripe for DLC adding more campaigns and factions. (Which I hope they do).

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    Wow. You are so warped. You are actually hoping for DLC instead of demanding that games are released complete to begin with. One of many reasons Steam is an evil that should be destroyed...

    But anyway, back on topic, saw this game pop up. Was considering picking it up.

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    Meh, maybe I'm just jaded but that's how the video game market is these days. Day1 DLC and all that. Steam is only the reseller and distribution medium. The entire industry is to blame.

    After a few more missions I'm enjoying the single-player campaign and disliking the multi. 3rd mission was a pain in the butt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klepto View Post

    It reminds me of the old Myth PC games. No resource gathering. No re-inforcements. You have to get through the level with the 4 characters you choose.
    I loved that old game I wish they would remake it. The multi- player was great when even if it was the days of dial up. I liked the king of the hill games where you send in a couple of exploding zombies and take out 1/2 the army if you timed it right

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    What is the game called?

    Edit: Ah found it, Confrontation. Should have known.
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    I bought the game for the pleasure to find again the atmosphere lost with the end of Rackham.
    I'm a little bit deceived with the average quality of the graphics and the graphical bugs, even with the lastest drivers and update.

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    Apparently the same company is putting out a game called Aarklash: Legacy or something. I read a review that seemed impressed, but after the confrontations games brutal disappointment, I'm leery.

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    Well, went and saw the trailers... I'm just wondering how they managed to turn the Dirz character into a Draenei- cause that's what it looks like. It seems from reviews to be good, but I'm still leery of plopping down $40 for two games (he sez, on the same day he was spending $42 on Reaper minis...)

    What I've always wanted as a Confrontation game was an MMORPG. Aarklash has sufficient background and depth that this could happen, but it would require a lot of work. I just would love to play a Mid Nor who has to skin his kills for points.

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    Bought both games, and love them to death though they are punishingly hard. There is no levelling up for boss fights, it's all about finding the perfect strategy. I put this up there with dark souls for its ability to make you feel hopelessly outmatched.

    The first game felt more like a classic dungeoun crawler, most of the story was in chunks of description, clear a stage of enemies, loot the room, BOOM! BOSS FIGHT! Definitely good for killing a few hours, and not a bad effort.

    This new one though, Aarklash Legacy, made my week! There is actual voice acting, and a story line that unfold on screen rather then chunks of narrated text! Graphics wise it reminds me a lot of Diablo, so I've got no complaints other then I want more.

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    Played through the first one last year. It wasn't bad, but not the best either. There were a few places, where I thought wtf had they been smoking, but for a conf. fan it was a good game.

    Tried the Legacy yesterday. So far... I don't know. If it wasn't aarklash I'd say it's a pretty average game, that wouldn't spark my interest at all.
    Here I had my wtf moments already in the beginning: After playing about half an hour you meet and kill the Chimera...
    Also it's getting a bit repetitive:
    - pause at the beginning
    - use the spec abilities (lightning, axe-blade...)
    - try to survive a few secs until they recharge (in the mean time try some healing abilities)
    - repeat until enemy is dead

    the only 2 things that make it a bit better:
    - healing ability of the 'priest' (can regain mana only by hurting other members)
    - is someone casts a sloooow fireball, then moving away from it's path, thereby no needing to be healed a lot.

    Ohh and sadly both have a tendency to crash a lot.

    But not to be overly negative, some positives:
    - it is Aarklash as a world in both
    - I found the background gfx pretty good. Not in resolution or such, but by giving the feeling of the world (in the first game the dirz labs had a pretty good Hybrid feel to it)
    - I like the character designs(PCs and enemies) overall (the new Dirz char feels weird though), but they are mostly based on conf figures, so what's not to like

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