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    Default Boys Club..

    I have been in this hobby for quite a while, and when I first started up, this was definately a \'boys only club\'.

    Granted I know very few mini painters (ok actually none) in real life, but there does seem to be a phenomenal rise in the number of female hobbyists. Judging from magazines, here on CMON, other internet sites....

    I am not meaning this to be sexist in any way, but rather a point of curiosity. It is a very good thing that all kinds of people are taking up this hobby.

    Am I completely off base? Has there always been a respectable female percentage or have those numbers really rose in the past 4-5 years?

    What do you think are the contributing factors?

    Again, I am not trying to be sexist at all. I think women can do everything men can do with the exception of peeing accurately while standing(and even that is debateable!)

    Please discuss....

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    This particular female was entrapped like (key up spooky music) four or five years ago when her now fiance started sticking Reaper characters and Ral Partha dragons infront of her trying to get them painted.....since then I\'ve all but abandoned all my tattoo flash, sewing/design, chain maille, drawing, other painting, etc...

    contributing factor -- better and better sculpts

    These little beasts of Hades just keep eating my spare(?) time and

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    Am I completely off base? Has there always been a respectable female percentage or have those numbers really rose in the past 4-5 years?
    I think the ladies have always been involved, but I think you\'re right there does seem to be a rise in numbers, or maybe they (girls) are just making themselves known more can pee accurately standing up?

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    I think women can do everything men can do with the exception of peeing accurately while standing(and even that is debateable!)

    Please discuss.
    That\'s a subject I\'m going nowhere near! lol (But as my wife has reminded me Haven\'t you seen the movie \"The Full Monty\") lol

    As for Female Painters & Gamers, there have always been girls/women who have gamed, usually mothers or girlfriends who got dragged around and into the hobby. Now however there are girls who have come into the GW hobby under their own volition.
    My local store has several girls who come in and frequently game, battering quite a few of the regular lads.
    But the numbers have risen in recent years.......see equality works. But my question is, why stop at equality, women already know they control everything in our lives. ;)

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    My first minis were given to me over 20 years ago by a girl in my gaming group (we had three including me) who didn\'t want them anymore. This was about 1981 I think. I painted Gueniviere back then and haven\'t really left the hobby since. I took breaks depending on what life threw at me (otherwise I think I\'d be closer to Louchard\'s or Haley\'s level) but at least I have improved.

    Back then we didn\'t have places to go for learning how to paint these things, so I stole my brothers Testors paints for model cars and raided my grandmothers oil painting supplies for brushes and turpentine.

    Ahh, those were the days... lol

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    Default Ok, you asked for it

    I started painting figures about mid to late 80\'s - 3 male friends got me into it. Back then I would say that it was nearly all male - certainly no sign of girlies at the local GW store or most of the model shows I went to. Unless you counted the ones who were just tagging along because their dearly beloveds were buying models. (kinda like guys going clothes shopping with us girls!)

    I joined a local military modelling group - only female member - about 1994. I left in 1997 and they have only just got their 2nd female member this year!

    I think the current \'trend\' is due to better models (more and better fantasy figures)and the changing attitude of both sexes. Girls are more confident these days and I think the guys are encouraging their girlfriends/wives/female friends etc into joining the hobby. Which is great :D

    I used to hate going into GW stores: heaving with sweaty prepubescent boys (and that was just the staff) - I was always approached as some one buying for either a brother/boyfriend/husband or son. I don\'t think I\'ve ever been asked if I was there for my own benefit - even now.
    It\'s certainly the only shop where I get referred to as \"madam\" :rolleyes:

    It\'s about time us girls caught up with the guys, who have long held the banner aloft for this hobby :D ;)

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    Default Oh and one other thing.....

    Proper girls - ie the ones who play with makeup and clothes etc, still seem to frown on the likes of me and my hobby. They just don\'t geddit - can\'t even appreciate it for it\'s creative/artistic values. The wives & girlfriends of the guys I meet at shows etc always seem to treat me with suspicion - makes me wonder what they think \"Oh...what\'s a girl doing in a hobby like this...\" \"oh she\'s only doing it to meet guys...\" It\'s just not the point at all!

    *sigh* Perhaps I\'m just paranoid ??? But just \'cos there\'s no one there, doesn\'t mean to say there\'s no one out to get me..... :D

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    Why don\'t you play with makeup and clothes???

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    I know my gf tried one or two. She just didn\'t have the time to paint. That and she kept comparing her work to mine. Not good when you are just starting out.

    Either way she went back to writing poetry.

    as for other chicks getting into the hobby. Nope not down here. I used to try to get them into it(let\'s face it gamer guys need to have some feminine influence.. or control as dragonsreach said). The only ones I have seen around the shops down here were either:

    a. girlfriends

    b. really nasty girls who throw themselves at the young desperate geeks.

    Personally I would like to see more feminine players. I think that the female perspective on minis is fascinating because.. well I have a male perspective. I was raised with gi-joes and he-man but ya’ know I would be cool with she-ra and rainbow bright… it is more satisfying raising that as a skeleton. :)

    Also, lets face it minis are often blatantly sexist *cough fianas* *cough shaddowforge* and we are just starting to see an influx of strong warrior women in functional armor (thank you werner klocke) I hope the trend continues and we no longer have the naked women minis. I like my troops wearing full plate. I have always been a fan of Sandra Garity because she sculpted tasteful women.

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    originally posted by Tooshy
    \"oh she\'s only doing it to meet guys...\" It\'s just not the point at all! mean you\'re not! Darn!...ok, next!
    lol:bouncy:lol (only joking!)

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    well, i know at my highschool i was the only gamer girl, but i was ok with that, because i enjoy it, and i know at a con we went to there were only a handful of girls/women and 2 of them were me and my mother!

    but ... i digress... women arnt as \"into\" the games because of the sterotypical geek image, at least in my opinion!

    but now that some of the kids i went to school with, know me and my hobby, a couple of them have come over to have a try at the painting...

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    Default Painting by numbers.....

    Originally posted by vincegamer
    Why don\'t you play with makeup and clothes???
    Models I can paint - my own face is harder. It would help to have numbers so that I knew where to put the colours :rolleyes: As for clothes, I do wear them...... and that\'s about it really. I\'ve never been fashion consious, so I wear what suits me rather than follow the herd. I do like nice undies tho - stockings are a must..... not tights :|~ But enough about that ;)

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    Well a bit like Tooshy, I\'ve been painting (on and off) since the mid 80\'s when I found a little shop in Peckham called the Rye Stamp and Hobby Shop (been gone for years now). Bought a dwarf figure for i think 20p, then painted it with humbrol enamels! Ithink i had 4 colours :D

    As for the paint and clothes, I do that as well, its just art with a different medium (and mine is a picasso lol)


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    I think the cause is the internet. Every girl I\'ve talked to that is a gamer or painter has been online. If it weren\'t for the internet, I wouldn\'t have known they existed. :)

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    I started via the d&d route. I met my fiance at a club I joined when I was 17. He happened to play 40k and wfb with a buch of friends he introduced me to. I only got intrested in the painting side about 6 months later. We where just sat about being bored when he decided to give me an orc on a boar to paint. Then I painted some of his goblins, then I bought some black orcs to paint - and on and on until 9 years later I\'m still buying and painting.

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    Pick up the Slayer\'s Guide to Female Gamers, it\'s a riot.

    It seemed to me the majority of female gamers came into the hobby when White Wolf came out with \"Vampire: The Masquerade\".
    I think the dark, sexy, vampire image appealed to a lot of women.

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    Well, I\'ve only had a couple of expriences with females in this industry, but then again, I\'ve only gamed once... against cheaters. (\"No, you can\'t fire from an open topped vehicle, but we can shoot you..\")
    First one was the Store owner\'s wife, but that\'s obvious.
    Second was the girlfriend of a gamer who looked like we were speaking some alien language (I WAS playing an ork army at the time..)
    And thrid was a dear friend of mine who just HAD to have all the LOTR figs... but she was a Tolkien freak, so....

    Apart from those, I\'ve seen the painting feild pretty much equal. WH40K to me is still male dominated but that\'s mostly because of the violence and emphasis on HtH. Confrontation seems more female friendly for some reason, though. Now if I could only get a game going in this city.....

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    Originally posted by mickc22 can pee accurately standing up?
    according to my wife: NO

    according to me....That depends on what is meant by \'accurately\'. If you don\'t want pee on the seat, then leave the damn thing up when you\'ve finished!!

    (just kidding! I finished first in my \"Pee Accuracy Finals\" and had even thought about joining the \"Snow Writers Olympic Team\"....You should see the way I dot my \"i\'s\" lollollol

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    Default a bright future!!

    :rolleyes:I guess I started like a majority of gals, hooking up with a boyfriend that was into D&D big time, sometimes his friends would dress the part, now that was a sight to cause nightmares.

    I loved it when he talked about what when on in the games, damn it sounded like cool fun. The big problem at the time was, these were young teens and collage kids and girls had cooties! It took a long time to win these skittish male mammals over to my side, but enough lasagna, cake and the fact I could paint, tamed their little geek hearts.

    This remember was back in the 60s..when good girls didn’t hang around with a bunch of knuckle draggers, rolling dice and screaming archaic battle cries in mom’s living room. Also D&D was a tool of the Devil and Democrats and those who played were damned or at least cracked. :)

    I’m glad to see the whole field of minis and gaming opening up to everyone, now I wonder what it shall be like in another 30 years?:D

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    and you were lucky to see it all start. *envy**envy**envy**envy**envy**envy**envy**envy**e nvy**envy**envy*

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