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    Okay i have had this Dwarf army since the current armybook was released and its been an on-off project, but now i´m pulling up my pants and saying enough is enough i don´t want this half finished army sitting around gathering dust anymore and since i now got a glass cabinet to put them in i´m saying now is the time now i will finish this damn army once and for all no matter how long it takes this will be the last time it will ever be repainted or anything like that.

    So here is the result so far the bases will be added later once the miniatures are finished. The theme will be war torn ruin basically these dwarfs are living in a stronghold where a section of it is always invaded by some force or another the current record of keeping the Stronghold is a month.

    But let me know what you think

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    That is a neat bunch of dwarves. Some nice rich reds you have going there. But boy gw just can't sculpt dwarves:[
    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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