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    Default Master Splinter's WIP project log

    I'm going to post all my WIP with random explanations and questions here.

    I still have to finish the Caledorian prince but got confused with an unpainted piece of dwarf army.

    So I started a WIP for a dwarven organ gun :

    I did it in bright bronze together with some flashy greens and reds. Now I need to highlight and all, I want to use smokey ink but don't know too well how to proceed for dwarven bronze. It should be brilliant together with some glowing runes on it.

    Name:  organgun.jpg
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    Then the VGC seems to be running too much (I'm new to these paints), is there any method to keep them more consistent/opaque ?

    Comments and suggestions welcome.

    P.S.: this weekend I get dad's USB camera .

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    Finished the organ gun with a nice red rune system.

    Now I am going to try to revive this :

    Name:  woodelflord-01.jpg
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    Name:  woodelflord-02.jpg
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    A Wood Elf lord which I need to put the sword back on to and then refinish.
    I lost the sword but am going to put on a wild rider weapon. The shield is from the reaper weapons (metal) sprue.

    The horse is done as in a WD of 1995 - wood elf army release - where Mr. McVey has done a horse tutorial. It is a grey horse where I am going to put some dapples on and has a pink muzzle. You can probably find it on the web.
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    Hi there, Nice to see that you are posting on the boards

    For you to recive comments you proberbly need to have a little bit better pictures for us to help you. (dads camera will help )

    In regards to the colour that is more running, well I usually use one part colour and one part water. then you have to fill you brush with some colour and then remove the excess colour/water from the brush so that it dont run all over the place, you will have to remove alot more paint then you think here for it not to flow all over. I have some pictures in my farseer WIP on how I do and the amount of colour showned on a paper towel. Remember if you do paint with more water in the paints you need to do more layers before it becomes opaque. but the result is worth it. Hope that it might help you.

    Looking forward to more pic then you have your new camera.


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    what kretcher said. the last pic especially is to grainy and dark to see anything on. if you really cant get a better camera i would suggest photographing a bit further away from the mini and using a light source over the mini so that we can at least see the colours properly=)

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    Agreed! Tommie posted an easy beginner photography thread that is really good. The low light not only makes them dark but grainy but out of focus as the camera tries to get enough light to take a picture. Even a simple desk lamp can help light the mini enough to get a decent photo. Also if your camera has a Macro setting (usually identified by a flower symbol) try that too.

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    Some work I've done some weeks ago. I managed to get the camera behaving, here's my Eldar
    HQ Farseer of my Eldar Force :

    :Name:  farseer-01.jpg
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    Default Wood elf lord - better food, better pics

    Here's some pictures of the Wood Elf lord mentioned before. I need to replace the broken sword still.

    Name:  woodelf-lord-01.jpg
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    Starting the work week now with some fresh Bretonni and Empire models. more WIP pics will follow. Here's what's going to be under my brush now:

    Name:  WIP-04.jpg
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    Empire flagellants (new army book, yay!), Bretonni pegasus knight for the daughters and an Empire Captain (probably going Marienburg yellow-blue together with the Ogre assassins of my Dogs of War and Storm of Magic addon for my empire DoW.)

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    I converted some of my flagellants to chaos and beastmen repenters with pieces from these sprues. My prophet of doom (unit champion) is the one with the banner which he'll set alight in melee. I sprayed them white and have to manage the colours to a chaosy Marienburg theme.

    The bretonni pegasus knight is finished tabletop quality for Marienburg Empire pegasus characters and needs more hightlights. I need to buy one more so I can convert him for a better empire version (I do not have a Bretonni army (yet ;-)) Here come the pictures :

    Name:  empirebrets-01.jpg
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    I've finished the pegasus knight for gaming. I am practicing blending more and would like to have some advice on what I am doing wrong, I've read some tutorials about it already. The question is how to blend Valleyo yellow on the ribbons, it does not cover too well, so I dipped it in some more consistent grey and it stuck. Then I do not have a better idea for the greys with Valleyo dead white and black. For a future pegasus knight I do not know if there's a better colour combination as grey knight -> grey horse. Most pegasi in artworks are white to lightgrey...

    Here is the picture of the 'Duc de Gisouruex knight':

    Name:  bretpegasusknight-01.jpg
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    I've done 1 flagellant with some Ogre breakfast on his back which turned out good but the camera screwed up.

    Instead here's some photos from some work about a year ago, 6 Saurus Cold One Riders :

    Name:  dinos-01.jpg
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    I got 2 of the flagellants finished. I've practiced my blending on clothes with them especially the booky flagellant. There are about 3 highlights, earth and sienna tones. The rusted weapons were done with mixes of chainmail with browns and blacks. They're for the new empire armybook as an unbreakable unit together with some great and minor chaos spawn in a heretic army. Need to show off my converted witchhunter, you can make him out of an empire milita box with an elven Chracian body and a chaos warriors cloak together with a pistoliers gun arm and any axe arm.

    Here's the pictures of the flagellata emperiorum :

    Name:  flagellants2-01.jpg
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    Name:  flagellants2-02.jpg
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    Name:  flagellants2-03.jpg
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    Name:  flagellants2-04.jpg
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    There are still 8 left and I need a unit of 20 or so, I'd better not hurry.

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    Tomorrow I am going to do a GW cockatrice from morning till 22:00 for a race at our gaming club.

    Here's the nightly prepare work on the puttied body :

    Name:  cockatrice-001.jpg
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    I'll show you the finished on tomorrow evening. Cheers!

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    The Cockatrice needs highlights and shading etc. and looks like this now :

    Name:  cockatrice-0.1.jpg
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    Name:  cockatrice-0.2.jpg
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    More WIP, 4 pink horrors for my Storm of Magic Pact :

    Name:  pinkhorrors-0.1.jpg
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    Name:  pinkhorrors-0.2.jpg
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    Then for cheers, my mini closet now :

    Name:  minicloset-0.1.jpg
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    I painted some elven swordmasters. Ended up with lots of metals and need to highlight and shade but do not know too well how to do that. Here's one :

    Name:  swordmaster-0.1.jpg
Views: 1221
Size:  5.0 KBName:  swordmasters-0.2.jpg
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    I found the zoom mode on my camera!

    Here's better pictures for almost everything :

    Name:  cockatrice-0.3.jpg
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    Name:  highelfprince-0.3.jpg
Views: 1183
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    Name:  sauruscavalry-0.3.jpg
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    Name:  swordmasters-0.3.jpg
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    Here's the rest of the better pictures together with an empire general :

    Name:  empirelord-0.3.jpg
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    Name:  farseer-0.3.jpg
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    Name:  bretonnipegasus-0.3.jpg
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    OK now I'm going to try to improve blending and probably next highlighting and finishing minis this way. Here's my main subject, a high elf archmage :

    Name:  highelfmage-back-0.3.jpg
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    Man that's difficult!

    I almost layered at the end and got this :

    Name:  highelf-mage-0.3.1.jpg
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    I found that scraping of half-wet paint in the recesses helps but you need to redo the shades probably.

    I'm going to try to wash it with some red next.
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    Finished for today, here come the pics :

    Name:  highelfmage-0.4.1.jpg
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Size:  7.5 KBName:  highelfmage-0.4.2.jpg
Views: 1129
Size:  6.2 KBName:  highelfmage-0.4.3.jpg
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    I noticed people actually actively voting for my minis. Thanks a lot! Here's the links for everyone else They're all new pics :

    . elven prince on steed :
    . saurus cold one cavalry :
    . eldar farseer :
    . empire general :
    . pegasus knight :
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