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    Default Legacy next wave??

    I know its been a little while since the last wave and they are working on bringing confrontation back and working on other games, but any idea on when we can expect some more great models? Thanks.

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    I think it must be Duke of Cadwallon and Dwarf Iron Golem.

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    Fingers crossed on the dwarf steam golem. I would buy two of them in a heartbeat!!

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    I've read that the steam golem is too big for production, too many options, too expensive and that even back when rackham was at his best it was hard to see it come to life.

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    I hope that's not true.. Its one of the holy grail of miniatures for me!! The pictures of it were amazing, I just wish they had one painted up. They could just drop some of the options if that would help.

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    I know it's not as glamorous but I'd kill for some Eclipsants and a tyrant of Vile-Tis. They can't be found ANYWHERE!
    Even if I had to sell a kidney to pay for them I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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    tyrant and both master of carnages as well as nemetis is what i have been on the hunt for. I actually have a list made using 2 master of carnages and nemetis i been itching to play sooooo bad its silly, but dont have any of the 3 models.... and creepbay is all FML recasts.

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    @Amusingdead: I may be able to help you with those, or at least some of them. I'll send you a pm if I have good news. ;-)

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    Word according to CMON (via bluetablepainting video from Adepticon) is that the first armies to get coverage for Confrontation: Phoenix will be Griffins and Wolfen (surprise, surpise...they always get picked first). No idea if that affects the "Legacy" waves before then or not...but it almost seems like everything is on hold at the moment since the Phoenix announcement.

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    You would think will all the buzz about the new version of confrontation coming out they would still put out a model or two. They would most likely sell out even faster.

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    yeah, Griffin and Wolfen are no surprise. They are the most iconic factions from the line. I would think they'd have a darkness faction at launch, too...

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    There is little iconic about the griffins. Just humies in hvy armour.
    Mid-Nor or Dirz or Drunes or Cynwall are much more so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klepto View Post
    yeah, Griffin and Wolfen are no surprise. They are the most iconic factions from the line. I would think they'd have a darkness faction at launch, too...
    And the unfortunate thing is those 2 armies already have SOOOOOO much stuff available for them that's still relatively easy to find.

    Not to mention, they just keep getting representation in all the incarnations of Confrontation...it's time to give somebody else a turn.
    - Classic Confrontaion: Griffin/Wolfen were both represented from the beginning, and continued getting new releases throughout the life of the game
    - CAoR: Griffin/Wolfen were the 2 starting armies, and 2 of the 6 factions that ever saw any representation
    - Confrontation video game: Griffin/Wolfen are 2 of the 4 armies in the game...and Griffin are the main characters of the single player campaign
    - Confrontation Phoenix: Griffin/Wolfen are the first 2 armies to get any attention.....surprise, surprise.

    That's a lot of Confrontation where Griffin/Wolfen consistently get attention when lot of other armies are left out over and over again. The justification is that Griffin/Wolfen are the most popular. While there is merit in that justification...don't you think it might have to do with them being the 2 armies that are ALWAYS guaranteed to get developer attention? As a fan, if I choose either of those 2, I can almost always count on having some sort of company support for my chosen army. If I choose Mid-nor...I can't even be sure my army will get ANY attention (based on recent history)

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    ANY NEWS??? I will take anything at this point, just let me know if I should keep saving my money or a date when things will start up again.
    I keep passing up on other miniatures at the moment thinking confrontation will get something soon.

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    How many product lines do Legacy/Dust have in simultaneous release/development atm? 4 or 5? Maybe a case of over-committed under-resourced?
    Fwiw Dust Models used to be pretty prolific with new resin/ resin ip hybrid designs etc, now it seems the push is for Premium Pre-Painted Plastic sets for Warfare. Talk about revisiting the sins of old...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hans Verhaegen View Post
    @Amusingdead: I may be able to help you with those, or at least some of them. I'll send you a pm if I have good news. ;-)
    fingers crossed, and thanks for keeping an eye out, still no luck on my end, i have been proxying the attack based Flesh eater as a tyrant whenever i do use it.

    on a side note, the nemetis im planning on using is a community determined 2nd incarnation profile. so we will see Community being the conf. of teh red dragon UK

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    According to my nearly official poll of which army of Confrontation you'd most like to see, the Wolfen came out on top, but the Griffin were least picked, least loved. If fact, the poll shows the starter set should be Wolfen vs. Dirz if the most anticipated by Confrontation fans are to be chosen. Not a bad idea actually. Dirz were in the video game and have a great miniature line.

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    They all have great miniature lines.
    It's confrontation, so that's pretty much a given.

    Wolfen should be among the first, as they're iconic for confrontation.
    Dirz too, as well as Drunes, Mid Nor, Cynwall...

    So a revisit of Rackham's starter and initiation set holding wolfen vs Dirz would indeed be a good choice.

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