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Thread: Your favorite paint names of the new Citadel line. 4 questions you should answer :)

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    Default Your favorite paint names of the new Citadel line. 4 questions you should answer :)

    So obviously there is now a TON of paints for painting miniatures with Citadel ;

    I was wondering what experiences you had with the new paints and which particular paints (or paint combination) works really well for you.

    Name the following :

    1. Your 3 favorite paints that are NEW (does not have an equivalent)
    2. Your 3 favorite paints are are old but improved in a certain way (and why if you can)
    3. Your favorite Color scheme with the base, wash and the layers (at least 3 paints)

    4. Anything else you think we should know about the new paints that will help us in our painting!

    Thanks for all your help.

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    I love that they have reintroduced Titillating Pink.

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    When i first saw it, I mis-read Nuln Oil as Nun Oil. Just what you need if you have a squeaky Nun.

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    I like the new Russ Grey for my lovely likkle space puppies

    I don't find that the new base paint 'ceramite white' has very good coverage but other people have said it's great (I might try thinning it less)
    The texture paints are alright for slightly below tabletop quality.

    But as long as my space puppies are happy i'm happy

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    nun oil would be great, nothing like a sexy, oiled up nun! tittilating pink is a great name, but i really liked bleached bone and scab red=( nothing like a bit of scabs!

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