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    Hey whats up guys here is the nightbringer i just painted let me know what you think. Need C&C to improve haha

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    Oh and btw when you comment please keep in mind that I have been painting for a little less then a year so I dont have tons of experience. But I liked the end result of this model i think it turned out good.

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    Drybrushed I think, right?
    I'd say it looks good, though a bit better pics would make it easier to tell.
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    Just need to get a hold of a decent camera and there will be a thread. Presumably.

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    I like it, It almost has a kind of Film Noir rough grainy footage look to it. Works well on that model


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    Looks great to me. I would go over some of the drybrushed areas with some solid layers just to tidy it up a bit. Also paint the side of the base black. it looks kinda messy right now from the drybrush.

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    Ya I actually edited the photo a lil bit to have that look I thought it looked good with the model and didnt really effect how the model looks except for on the chest it looks like all i did was drybrush it but it actually is smoother in person. I really like how the base came out it was my first time using this stuff i bought, you just mix it with the color paint you want and it gives it a texture. I did a different one on a fire prism of mine and made it like its hovering above water.

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