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    Ive been having a look through my stock of boxed unpainted minis and came a load of Ilyad stuff that I bought from a french webstore when they were selling off their stock.
    I have no idea what this stuff fetches now so thought I would ask here to see any of you have any info. I have a wide range from both the game systems they did including the Vorag Barbarians and some of the Imeprial Guard minis.

    And here is a list of the rest'

    ChevalierD'infortune 1
    ChevalierD'infortune 2
    ChevalierD'infortune 3
    ChevalierD'infortune 4
    Guerrier Krahn 2
    Necromante De Morgar 2
    Chaman Crete Hurlante
    Prince Parsifal 1
    Garde Imperial 2
    Maitre Paladin De Justice
    Capitaine De La Garde Imperiale
    Seignure De La Lumiere 1
    Champion Crete Hurlante 1
    Trancheurs Crete Hurlante 1
    Chevalier Des Baronies 2
    Chevalier Des Baronies 1
    Tueur Crete Hurlante 1
    Guerrier Krahn 1
    Chevalier De La Lumiere 1
    Minotaure 1
    Desdemone 1
    Gurriere D'acier 1
    Pretre De Justice 1
    Porte etendarde d' Heraklyn 1
    Emperor Haghendorf 1
    Grande Inquisitor Gothique
    Garde Noir 2
    Frere Confesseur Gothique
    Moines Soldats Gothique 1
    Champion Chevalier Demon
    Commandeur Gunthar
    Bruder Gustav
    Chevalier Demon Warlock
    Garde Imperiale 1
    Frere Commandeur Gothique
    Garde Noir 1
    Chevalier Demon Attaquant 1
    Scarab Lourd Chaosmorph
    Frere Caiptaine Gothique
    Lancier Squlettes 1
    Guerriere Squelettes 1
    Gurrieres Mercenaries 1
    Archers Squelettes 1
    Grotesque 1

    Any help on prices for this would be appreciated.

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    Nice list of models!!! I have only seen a few of these pop up on ebay once in a blue moon but they are around $100 starting bid. But you have some on the list I have never seen at all, if you feel like trading for confrontation drop me a line. Good luck.

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    Lol thanls mate but I have three times more Rackham stuff than Ilyad and they'll more than likely be going too, I just have too much stuff and not enough time or talent to do anything with them.

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