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Thread: Decorating help.

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    Default Decorating help.

    Not sure whether this belongs in general discussion or not but im after paint advice so I figured Id post in here lol

    Though its not paint for the hobby.

    Last year I retiled my bathroom and going for simple I just used plain white with some mosaic borders, getting a little bored of it now though and want to spice it up without too much effort as I have so many other DIY projects taking up my time at the min. I think a few designs on certain placed tiles would break it up but Ive never used tile paints before so I was wondering if anyone can recommend any good moisture resistant ones that will survive somewhere hot and damp from first hand experience, or even better as stenciling would make it neater, If you can get this sort of thing in a spray variety.

    Any help appreciated


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    I assume you're meaning paint?

    I'd imagine just about any acrylic paint will work fine, once you heat set it. Something like Createx Wicked or Auto Air or Spectra Tex, designed to be airbrushed on textiles and automobiles, for example. Any of the "outdoor" paints should resist the moisture too, I'd imagine you can find a wide variety of those locally, spray cans or brush on. I know things are different in the UK but in the DIY and home centers here, they've got paints intended for bathroom use, moisture and mildew resistant, etc, similar to house paints, they can be tinted different colours and such.

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    Use some ceramic-specific paints that have to be baked in the oven. I've done that for some tile above the stove, and with a stencil (sponged on, however). Once its fused, it should be good for at least the hot. The humid I'm not sure about.

    Looked up what I believe I used (can't find the bottles now), and I think it was Pebeo Porcelaine Ceramic Paint. Have to let it dry 24 hours, then into a cold oven until hitting 150°C (300°F) for 35 minutes. Then it would be a simple matter of sealing the tile with a standard tile sealant.

    Problem is, of course, that you need to be able to put the tiles into the oven. Means getting a few spares out, or buying from the same , and chiseling out the ones you want decorated. I did the tiles for our kitchen coming on 4 years ago. Of course, they don't see wear like you'll be likely to see, so I can't gauge that for you.
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    Never done it myself but as PegaZus says, I think most tile paints are intended to be used before you stick the tiles to the wall. I'd probably paint with car sprays and then mask off the tile and seal it with a lacquer or varnish. Might not be the "correct" way of doing it, but it would be pretty simple. Obviously whatever you do, scrub those tiles completely clean first!

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    Are these wall tiles, floor tiles or both?

    Found this on the interweb for wall tiles:

    And for floors:

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