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    Hey, Finally finished my first SDE mini, and also my only SDE mini as I ordered this from here and my SDE boxset from Maelstrom at new years when it was in stock, and since the next day when it was suddenly out of stock they have been assuring me it will be in stock "early next month", and so on for the last 4 months, havent emailed them for an update yet this month as its still early/mid of the month, no doubt theyll tell me early may lol(Not that Im getting sick of waiting lol). Rant over

    Anyway had fun as its my first cartoon type mini, most stuff ive painted so far has been 40k, or other darkish war/fantasy, but in so it has been a completely new experience so any feedback and pointers would be a big help. Also tried a bit of NMM as ive been practising it lately, still pretty naff but im happy with the results as theyre my best so far

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    Cheers, Kris

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    Awwww she is manga cute :-)
    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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