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    Painted this flamer monkey just for giggles. Shoot away any crits please! Think I might be in a bit of a rut.


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    'cute'! Isn't that a Buddle sculpt? Nice work Scott, what is it with you and TINY minis?!

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    Yeah it's from Steve Buddle. I love tiny mini's! You can bang 'em out between larger projects without sinking too many sessions into them.

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    Egads he looks like an evil little mutha!

    Love that guy. Where can I find me one??

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    He's a CMON mini 'vike!

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    Of all the things to give to a monkey... FFFFUUUUUUUU...

    Great little mini!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottRadom View Post
    Shoot away any crits please! Think I might be in a bit of a rut.

    This is going to sound harsh but I have to agree Scott, I do think that you are in a rut.
    I also have to be honest in that I don't think that you are getting enough constructive criticism in order for you to improve.

    To me the level of basing you are showing is very much the same as previous models and (not including the mis-matched cog painting, Two different highlighting points?) it seems as if you've got yourself into a comfortzone with the way you're putting a base together and painting it.
    I'd seriously suggest that you look at some of the bases done by the likes of Jarhead and while I don't always like the large oversizing of trees they may be something to give you food for thought.
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    Agreed DR! With the basing I usually try to eBay my mini's and I've always thought that my level of painting was more gamer level than display level so I've tried for the Jarhead-esque-ness but on 25mm bases. I'm gonna go for larger stuff and try to push out of the rut! I'm painting an Eldar mini now and I thought it was all bright and shiny (compared to what I usually go for ANYTHING with a primary colour in the paint scheme seemed bright and shiny) but I got some early crit's that it looked more or less amey with what I've been doing. So I have some commission stuff on the platye and then I look forward to really going for it, and I'll make sure to put a WIP up here and other places to gather as much feedback -and use it!- as I can. Maybe a scale change up might help me out as well? Hmmm.

    For sure not harsh DR! I always appreciate honest and constructive pointers about painting. My fav part of the mini community. I need to try and spread some of it around I think. Much obliged! I know it's a bit of a threadjack but here's a pic of that Edlar I was talking about. It's almost done now so no point in a proper WIP post. Here it is...

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