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Thread: Introducing Cang the Improbable AKA Glowing Moorwen Dragon of Dooom (TM)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kittykat23uk View Post
    I haven't sealed it no. Actually thanks for pointing that out, I normally use a matte varnish spray but I don't think I will risk it in light of what you have just said. To be honest I find resin takes the paint better than white metal and is less prone to chipping. So varnishing it is not really that necessary.
    Well, I tried to do a little research on Testors Dullcote but couldn't find anything about a UV rating. Many sealers will say "non-yellowing" but all of them tell you to keep it out of direct light because UV might cause some discoloration no matter what they do. Of course, you're probably not going to have her sitting in a window with direct sun because that would cause serious issues and the sealer would be the last on that list. hehehe.

    If you take some of the paint and test it...I bet you can find out if the sealer will effect it. Mine are on the way and I'll run a couple of tests on them first. Because if I use it on a mini that gets sold or goes to a contest or needs to be handled in any way, I'm going to want sealer on it. Your girl thankfully isn't going to be used on a gaming table. lol! And the pigments are glow in the they might react differently too. Anyway give the test a shot and then take the black light to it. Be sure to wait several days and check it with the black light again because it may change as it cures completely.

    ETA: Almost forgot - since its resin, if you test the paint and sealer, grab some of that sprue or extra flash gunk you cut off and test on that. Resin mixes aren't all the same and I'd recommend doing it that way just to be on the safe side. In fact, put some of the paint you used in a separate spot and hit it with the UV reactive too and test all of them. You never really know what sort of chemical combinations you get, especially if something has a solvent in it.

    Most of the time you don't have to worry about it but I had a friend who used Tamiya primer on a model horse and ran out of Testors Dullcote so she tried some Krylon matte sealer. The Tamiya primer peeled off a couple of hours later. The two brands weren't compatible. But she never had any problems with Tamiya and Dullcote and Krylon and it can get interesting sometimes.
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    I have to say, this is amazing.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    For some reason it says I have read this thread but I'd remember that! AWESOME! Inspiring too for what to do for mine.... Love the base, a brilliant idea and well executed

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    Thanks Freakinacage and Chern Ann! And Kathrynn thanks for the tips.

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