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    Smile BATTLETECH Novels For Sell or Trade

    I have a collection of some of the old Battletech novels. They are listed below with their retail value in American $$ at brand new:

    Breed For War $49.99
    Assumption of Risk $109.12
    Natural Selection $9.99
    Price of Glory $138.74
    Wolf Pack (Battletech #4) $92.32
    Blood of Heroes $23.50
    Tactics of Duty $71.14
    Decision at Thunder Rift $21.99
    Close Quarters $43.16
    D.R.T $19.91
    Ideal War $9.99
    Malicious Intent $23.99
    Mercenary's Star $127.86
    I Am Jade Falcon $68.88
    Highlander Gambit $4.88
    Falcon Guard $49.91
    Main Event $105.98
    Operation Excalibur $36.36
    Wayt of the Clans $84.84
    Blood Name $13.98
    Far Country $34.95
    Star Lord $25.00
    Hearts of Chaos $86.50

    Total Brand New $1125.98

    These books are in really really good condition. Some of them are pretty rare. Most have never been read and the others have been read once or twice at most.

    I am mainly looking to trade these for a few boxes of Magic The Gathering cards from the new set and some models from the Privateer Press range.
    Retribution of Scyrah to be exact.

    If you don't want everything here I can work out a deal with you. These books are in good condition as I have said and if you want pics just let me know.
    I will pm you pics at your request.

    The prices were taken from Amazon books online and the books listed above range from excellent to good condition. Binding is still good on all of them and the covers look brand new (not faded).

    Feel free to offer me a price!! I am not asking to get the full value stated above. I want to make a deal both can agree to and be happy with.

    If anybody is interested please let me know. As I have said I am willing to work out a deal that makes both parties happy!
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    Books were traded\sold. Nothing here folks! :-)

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