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    Hullo all! I'm a novice painter (read, first time touching a brush to a model) and I thought I'd keep a log of my work here, for ease of advice from my peers.

    I'm starting an ork army for 40k, and have so far painted four test models. Four boyz, to be precise.

    Here they are! They're Bad Moonz, as you can see. Not the best choice for a starting painter, I know, but the clan motif and ideology really speaks to me. That and I really like yellow on black. I've used Goblin Green for my skin, and the high contrast look has really grown on me. I know the yellow's a bit too clean and bright, might try slopping on a wash of sepia to mute things down a bit. Devlan Mud just made everything splotchy. Reconsidering the direction I took with the weapons, might do a predominantly black and yellow base detailed with metallic drybrushes for any following models. Need to work on that battle damage, too.

    Better view of baldy in the back.

    And that's my first set of boyz. Assembling 10 more shootas as of now, will upload as required. Thoughts on my color scheme will be most appreciated!

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    Hell! For first models youre off to a fantastic start Your placement for skin highlighting seems spot on, maybe try to smooth the transitions a bit with a tad thinner paint. Also pick out all the detail, the bolts on the helmets for a start. Adding that wash you mentioned may bring them out a bit and then a metalic, break up the solid yellow. Which brings me onto colour scheme, Id go for something less loud on the legs, brownish/khaki maybe. Even though theyre bad moon, theyre still orks, and I always got the impression theyd slap bright paint on their armour but not have the skills or care to dye theyre fabrics, especially not to uma in kill bill standards lol

    Thats my thoughts anyway, though they wont much matter as at this rate ill be asking for your advice in a week or so


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    Thanks for the comments, Kris! Was thinking the same thing about the pants, actually, they just look so flash with all that yellow on them. Thinking of mixing up clothing colors for the boys to break up squad monotony. Practicing my highlighting right now, trying to get rid of that rather abrupt transition in the greens. This site is such a big help for beginner painters, I can't stop reading the how-to's and technique guides. I'll keep the thread posted.

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    Try the new gw washes out, they flow abit better then the older washes. That yellow is abit too much zing! For my tastes, but other then that lovely miniatures.

    I would also consider painting your guns and weapons a dark brown/orange before painting them metal to simulate rust.....Orks always look better rusted up!
    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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    Assembled and painted four test shoota boyz, and came up with this.

    Fixed up my sluggaz, too.

    Used the new GW sepia for the yellow and I'm quite happy with the final tone. Did some rather sloppy Bad Moon flames, which I may or may not replicate for the rest of my army. Maybe the simpler triangles on that one slugga boy in the back would be a better choice. Basecoated the shootas Tin Bitz before drybrushing on the shinies, and they look markedly grittier for it. The rounded shootaz, though, I'm having difficulty giving a prominent highlight. Perhaps a slight drybrushing of Boltgun on the top? Tried brown and grey for the pants on the shoota boyz. Conclusion: might use them both along with the original yellow to break up squad monotony.

    My basing is fairly, uh, basic. I just used some beach sand basecoated and drybrushed, which may be seen underneath the sluggas. For the rightmost shoota boy'z base, I tried a no basecoat wash of sepia to the sand, followed by a drybush of Snakebite Leather, then Bronzed Flesh (yes, some of my paints are quite old). Might bust out some more cork for rocks. Not too sold on the whole desert color scheme, considering going for dark blue/grey sand. That brown border on fuzzy-hat boy's base is definitely going to go, I don't like the look of it. Big, solid earth color puts off the high contrast ork resting on it.

    Finally, skin. Bought some Orkhide to try and attempt a layered, blended approach using my color pallet, the final result of which may be seen on my leftmost shoota boy. Went Orkhide>BadabBlack>Orkhide+Goblin>Goblin>Moot/Scorpion. I am finding Moot Green to be horribly chalky once you thin it down. The effect on the final texture, while small, can be quite irksome. Conclusion: go buy some Vallejo Escorpena.

    Thoughts? I'd like some advice on possible colors for my bases in particular, bearing in mind that I'm using sand predominantly, with some cork/sprues/rocks thrown in for effect.

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