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    Hi All,

    I was hoping to get some basic instructions for using spray guns.

    what else do i need to get in addition to the gun itself. some air compression system is also required i assume?

    also, any advice on what good spray guns are out there would also be appreciated!



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    Hi there

    You can go into crazy amounts of detail about airbrushes\spray guns, but i will try and keep it brief here to give you an idea.

    The most basic bet is either the GW spray gun or a basic starter airbrush, say from BADGER, these operate with air canisters you can buy seperately (GW sells it very expensively, but local hobby places will sell it too, humbrol do some, and badger make their own as well).

    These airbrushes are single action, as in you press the trigger and air and paint sprays out at one setting\pressure etc.

    These are good for covering large areas, or basing armies with the main colour, say blue for ultramarines etc.

    You also get double action airbrushes and these tend to be more expensive, but offer more scope, you can control the air flow pressure and how much paint comes through so you can do effects like mottling, line shading etc, and can be used with much tighter control.

    Badger make dual action brushes too, but IWATA and Harder and Steenbeck also make brushes but these can range from about £80 up to about £300.

    You can also get a compressor, with suitable fittings for the airbrush type, these are better than the cans of propellant as they last forever and give an endless supply of air.

    If you are just doing basic coverage, i would suggest a basic single action, if you want to use it for other modelling like military stuff etc, then a dual action and compressor would be a good investment

    hope that helps.

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    You can get cheaper knock offs from for example Everything Airbrush. I use the AB-180 and it is good.

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    Could you just clarify exactly what you're after. Is it something akin to the GW spray gun (i.e. with a pistol grip) or are you contemplating something more accurate?

    As Avelorn has posted, the link to Everything Airbrush above, has a really good selection of both. For information, you can have bottom fed guns/brushes where you plug in a container of paint, or top fed (gravity) guns/brushes. The biggest benefit of gravity fed ones is that they'll spray with a lower pressure and use significantly less paint.


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    Thanks for all the advice guys, really appreciated, will definitely check out the link

    the main purpose i want to use the guns is to apply blending to large areas and help with source lighting effects.

    might start off with the cheap guns to try it out and see what effects i can get then possibly move onto some more of the advanced guns, although i saw some got up to the $300 mark!

    have been painting for ages but never got into the use of spray guns



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