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Thread: Painting/Modeling workshops in the U.S.?

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    Default Painting/Modeling workshops in the U.S.?

    Hi there,

    I tried a quick search of the forums and google but couldn't come up with anything so I thought I'd inquire here...

    Does anyone know of any multi-day workshops/retreats in the United States which focus on miniature painting and/or modeling? I know that there are usually individual classes at the big conventions and such but I was looking for something more like this (without having to travel to Europe and learn a new language ):

    Basically a weekend style workshop in a small group setting where everyone can learn and practice their skills without the rest of a full gaming convention experience.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Where do you live and how far are you willing to travel? In 2 weeks reaper con is going on down in Texas the offer painting classes all weekend not sure if any seats are left.

    Mathieu Fontaine from canada host classes in Canada and did do some classes in the U.S. too but last I heard he had some visa issues over his teaching classes and wasn't sure if he would be doing it anymore. He can check his status on his blog.

    You might find a club near you that also does a show. Long island miniature society, meets once a month and has a decent show in November. Most stuff at the show is 54 mm and above but last year they added a 32 mm class.

    Just outside Philadelphia in a couple of weeks is the Miniature figure collectors of America show. They also have a club that meets once a month. It's worth checking out the show, great stuff there last year. Couple of other links on there site may help find other groups.

    I know there are groups in D.C. Area, Atlanta, and oaklahoma, Texas and Boston. You could try for more info there.

    If your just trying to paint a better gaming figure most local hobby stores should have some people that could be of basic help that you can supplement with some videos. But I agree it's always nice to get some pointers of how to progress directly.

    Last thought you could try you may find a local branch near you. they mostly build historical planes and tanks but they may be some help too.

    Let us know where you are located. There may be a member in this forum close by that could help.

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