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    Sorry that it has been so long (once again) since the last post. However, I think most everyone knew that we would be heavily engaged at Adepticon, and that was certainly true!

    It was a whole weekend of tournaments for me. 40k on Friday, WFB on Saturday, and WFB teams on Sunday. I have blog posts about those here:

    And the lead up here:

    I was fortunate to win Best Appearance in the 40k tournament (out of 246 players) and tie for Player's Choice. I also won Best Appearance in the WFB tourney on Saturday. Marty and I came ever so close to 2 awards with our Civil War Dwarfs (yes, you heard that right) on Sunday.

    I have some extra WIP images of this neat 72 MM CMON figure that was posted:

    Here are a few WIP images to show the sculpted base (apoxy sculpt and green stuff) and the process of painting the figure itself:

    and the painting:

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    This thread title does not disappoint!

    Amazing work there, my only critique would be that with so many competing patterns, the focal point is hard to determine.

    I'll go read that blog now.

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    Amazing stuff, love all the little details on cloth and armour!
    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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    Amazing! I agree with vikey that, although well done, the patterns do feel a little too much. I also don't like the tentacles - they seem too cartoony for something so dark. Otherwise brill, esp the weirdness on the base

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    Gorgeous paint! I somewhat agree that tentacles are a little out of place, but they do draw your eye from the purple in the neck of the horse down to the base. Lovely.

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    Yes, indeed. The tentacles were supposed to represent a Slaneeshy extention of the cloak, just as the face on the other side was supposed to tie into the Khorne elements. I also tried to sculpt something vaguely Tzeentchy and Nurgley on the base as well. :-)

    Unrelated to this, I just tried out the new GW 'dry' paints tonight. I found a million different uses for them, as they fit in very well with my shaded basecoat technique when mixed with other paints. Once mixed with a 'regular' paint, those dry paints are just like foundation paints. I can do a lot of damage with those...

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    You kicked ass on this beauty. Wonderful painting. I'm very impressed with it! Just lovely work.

    Stay Frosty!
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